Recognition of Love

Heavenletter #5387
Published on: August 24, 2015

God said:

It’s not precisely that the world needs more love. The world can use more Recognition of Love.

Love has been mashed like mashed potatoes. Why not have love in its proud state as it comes down the shoot from Heaven? Love pure, love not all pushed down.
Leave love alone. Let love be. Love does not have to be told what to look like. It doesn’t have to be fairy-tale. You do not have to buoy yourself on fantasy. The thing is that you may feel that real life is grungy and not so nice. Let love be joy to your heart.

Here’s the thing: You don’t have to take love too seriously. Love can just be love. You can be loving. You don’t have to look for fireworks. Look for a pulsing heart that is glad for the fireside of a warm heart.

Hail to the heart who knows its place in the world. Where is the heart’s place? Why, it is everywhere. Love does not have to be jazzy or spectacular. Love can be simple old-fashioned love. It doesn’t have to be amazing. It can even be an everyday kind of love. It can be received just as a day is received. Love can be given, and love can be accepted. Love is for all, not only a select few.

Love needs not embellishment and extraneous tinselly decoration.

Here is how to love: Right now is how to love. Find that trace of love in your heart and strew it around. Hand it out. There is enough for all.

Love does not have to be dramatic. Have fun with love. Let love bounce all over. Love doesn’t require following a mold. All love has to do is to be. There really aren’t books you have to look up about love. Remove your restrictions from the love that is already in your heart. Let love be unpredictable. Let love be what it is when it is. Love is not a lawyerly thing. Love is a gift given to you to give away. Lighten up about love.

Love doesn’t have to be the love of your life. Perhaps you have seen too many movies or read too many romance novels. How about some real-life love? How about making this moment love and then the next the same? How about letting love be?

If you can culture your voice or culture yogurt or say the word yogurt, you can culture love. Love is not fancy embroidery. Love can be taking up a hem just as well. Love can be a daily thing. Love today. Love in whatever size or shade it arrives in. Definitely, love does not have to be a snazzy red car.

Nor is it necessary for you to define love or package it. Live love. Just don’t forget love and that love does not have to be taken so personally. Love does not have to be a standing ovation or a record feat.

Love can be like a drink of water. It does not have to be momentous and unlike any love before. It does not have to be predictable. Love is here all the time, right in front of you. That you may not see it is one thing. Look for love eager as you might look for mail and share it.

Know that love is yours. You have it, and love is sweeping across the world and taking you with it. You are meant for love. You were created for serving of love, the receipt of love, and letting love be what it is as it is. Love is not meant to be scheduled or saved for a rainy day or pulled out on only certain occasions. Let love not be a serious undertaking.

Let love be like two horses that pull along a delightful carriage together. Sometimes the two horses prance. Sometimes the two are just side by side, and that is enough.