Heavenletter #1036
Published on: August 23, 2003

God said:

You were born in an oasis, and everything is right here. You are right here, and so am I. For what can you thirst but that which you imagine you don’t have?

What is it that you imagine you do not have? Such imagination makes you weak.
Imagine all that you have and all that is before you. Such imagination makes you strong. However, that which makes you strong is not imagination. It is a given. Everything is before you. Imagine that. Everything you desire is right here for the asking. That means you must aspire to that which you desire, and you must make your desires known. Make them known to yourself. Let your mind see what your heart desires.

Then invite that which you long for. The universe cannot read your mind. Invite what you desire by picturing it, feeling its arrival as if it were already here, and then by asking for it. Ask with the certainty that all you ask for is already yours. It is in your possession. You just haven’t located it yet. You laid it down somewhere and don’t remember where. You know it’s here. It is right in front of you. You just don’t see it yet.

All opportunity that you desire from your heart is yours. That means that everything you desire is yours.

All you have to make sure of is that yours desires are truly yours, not to impress someone or even yourself. Desire it for more than ego, for your ego is fickle and desires only its aggrandizement.

Look for your deep desires. Look for your desires within your desires. Throw a stone into the water and see the ripples it makes, for you are the rippler of your life.

Throw in your line, and you will catch that which you have sought.

I cast down many desires for you to catch. I am the Caster of your desires. You pick them up from Me.

I am the One Who knocks at your door. I Who give you your desires am also the Fulfiller of them. Of course, there is no fulfilling really because your desires contain their own fulfillment. Within your desire is the fulfillment, or you would not have the desire. In truth, there is no true desire that is beyond fulfillment, for all has already been fulfilled. You are the availer of your fulfillment. Avail yourself now.

Your cup runneth over. Pick up that cup and drink from it. Drink from My cup.

Make sure that you have desires, not for just this and that, but for something intrinsic to you.

Add a desire. Desire to see yourself as I do see you. Be as you truly are. That is good enough. I ask no more from you than that you be Myself walking on earth. That is a little desire really, for you are already that. All that is required is that you unveil yourself to yourself.

What do I desire but your well-being? And what else can you have but that? Now it is for you to know it.

Now it is time for you to receive all the treasures that have been stored for you. All that is promised will come to pass. And all the promises you have made to yourself, will you fulfill them now. Promises made are kept.

You are My promise. You are promised to Me. And I promised Myself to you. And I promised the light in your heart to all. So, you are a promise I keep.