Shamanic Rebirth

New Moon in Aries, March 27/28, 2017 – Shamanic Rebirth

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

On March 27/28, we have a fresh New Moon at 7 degrees Aries that will rekindle our passion, helping us to focus on our physical plane as well, for it is as important as the ethereal one in which our soul dwells, bringing all of our soul creations into the tangible, for this is what we came here to master.

It is with this New Moon that we are experiencing a shamanic rebirth, which occurs when we dive deeply into our inner realms, dissolving all sense of separation that continues fragmenting ourselves from All and finally embrace and accept our shadows as well as our light.

We have experienced the “death of our lower self” and resurrected into our True Self, standing tall now in our truth and power. Now we are ready to step into a path of soul integration, transformation and endless expansion by recognizing, honoring and embracing our shadow self as an equal part of who we are, in the dualistic reality that we have decided to have.

It is time now to begin using this inner fire to manifest those inner worlds that we are only delighting in the ethereal, for as humans, we tend to fear the magnificence of our inner light-power instead of using it within Divine Love to project those invisible realities in our earthly plane. This New Moon is the cosmic reminder for us that it is time to master the masculine, the one who manifests, who protects and who honours what is tangible, in essence.

Give yourself the pleasure to enjoy all you have envisioned from within these earlier months, give yourself permission to be the powerful and at the same time humble, creator that you came here to remember.

In love and light ∞
Natalia Alba