Sweet not Bitter

Heavenletter #3250
Published on: October 18, 2009

God said:

When you mutter swear words under your breath, say Thank you instead of swearing. Say a plain thank-you, or say, “Thank You, God.” When you do this, beloveds, you are switching from poverty to wealth. Of course, you are. This is a powerful switch, from resistance to plenty.

Don’t push away life, beloveds. Don’t swear at it or anyone in it. No cursing in general, and no cursing in specific. No cursing.

If you are the coach of a team, you send out your good players. You play to win. You don’t play to lose. Consider that you are the coach of yourself and naturally send out good thoughts.

If you involuntarily have a negative thought, put in a substitute. The substitute you put in is a little awareness of your own natural appreciation. Negativity is unnatural. You can know this from the way negativity makes you feel. The negativity may well come unbidden, and now you can say to it a plain thank-you, or “Thank You, God.” See the difference in how you feel.

It is not that you are thanking Me for the negativity. You are thanking Me for the power you have to increase positivity. Your thoughts tell you to feel certain ways. A negative thought tells you to feel a certain way. A positive or even neutral thought tells you to feel another. Choose sweet over bitter. Give your heart some sweetness. Give yourself a break.

We really are talking about you and not what or who has ticked you off. You are the main character in this show. There are minor characters who go on or off scene, yet it is you who stars in the show. Make what you think and say count. Remove the splinter from your eye. Remove needling thoughts that get in the way of love. This is not a dress rehearsal, beloveds. This is the main event, and you are the main character in it. Even when you are the only one on stage, you matter. If it is the middle of the night and no one is around, it still matters what you are thinking. Isn’t this obvious?

No one keeps score, yet there is no getting away with anything. You cast your vote at every moment.

The past is gone, and not to be concerned with, yet there is the ever-present, and you want to be a benefit to it. I know you do. Cast your vote the way you want it to be counted.

You are not helpless in this matter. Negativity that appears is also capable of leaving. Pull in some positivity, and negativity has to leave. It just cannot stay when even one is gathered in My Name. Negativity is not a sorcerer. It is not the director of you. You are the chooser of what you go by. You are the cop who directs traffic. You beckon traffic to you. Beckon the flow you want. You have say over your life and the direction you take. Did you think you were helpless? You are the most powerful Being on Earth. There are not any chains that you cannot burst through.

There is no need to be negative even toward negativity. Instead of saying, “Get out, you negative thought”, simply usher in a more helpful thought. A thought of thanks will do very well. When all is said and done, you are glad that you know when it’s time to trade in your thinking. Cast your vote for that which makes you feel good. Your vote does count. Your vote reverberates in your heart, and it reverberates across the Universe. I bless you for your thoughts that serve, and I ask you to turn in your thoughts that do not.