The Answers are Simple

The answers are simple

Lisa Transcendence Brown

There is not much that holds our attention
Because what must come through is purity, love and a deep sense of connection so profound that things are easy, effortless and without the need to explain anything at all.
The human aspect says “what’s in it for me”… it wants a return first, not willing to take a chance, commit, step forth first….
For us, making a difference … that’s what’s in it for us.

How we affect all, how we touch souls, how we inspire, sharing the knowledge that shifts one from an old separation reality to one of unity again
We do not need a reason
For the reason is simple and pure
The reason is our love for all as ONE
For we’ve REMEMBERED fully and we need not anything else first
Our “return” comes based upon “who we are inside”
The sharing of our BEing
From the depths of our own soul
Visible for all to experience and feel
And to know….
Here is simple
We need not anything at all
We are connected with all things as ONE again
The answers are simple
and an existence that we bring forth from deep within
That which was forgotten
Remembered fully again
Until each truly cares enough
To get over their own human’ness
The separation
The self first
They cannot experience this
A whole new LIFE awaits
One of dreams, soul desires and beauty beyond anything imagined
Transcending all things separation
Unification is how one comes to BE here again….
Until you desire a different world
It’s not important enough for you to invest
You, your resources, all that you are
Why do you “think” all of this is occurring?
How much does it take for you to open up, step up and INVEST in a future that doesn’t collapse anymore?
How much suffering is required before you stop fighting and resisting the one thing that can resolve all
Back into peace, back into love, back into what you forgot?
How much do you have to lose, do without, experience before you open up to desire to be a part of our NEW EARTH NOW?
How much does it take? What does it take for you to unify inside and accept a reality of love, peace and unity now?
Your highest existence holds no suffering
No conflict, no drama, no despair
It holds magic, beauty, bliss and yes, hard work (for your human aspect here)
For you will have to dedicate yourself, all that you are and have
To achieve the vibration of “easy” and simple
You’ll have to exchange your drama, victim mentalities and lack of love and power within
For a reality where you take responsibility for all that you are/do again
You do not reclaim your abundance, your rightful claim to all
Unless you are willing to exchange your human reality in full
You do not get to transcend that which was a prison of fear before
You have to choose and do what it takes (from inside)….
You will exchange complicated for easy
Drama for peace inside
Peace inside creates peace outside
Unity inside creates unity outside
Purity inside creates purity in all outside too
Inner power creates a reality where you don’t give your power away anymore
Inner respect means you are not going to accept less anymore
Inner understanding/connectedness means you live in full abundance again
When your head runs the show, you’ll be exhausted, things won’t work or make sense anymore
When your HEART is truly open, really open, you have more than one of you inside…
You have your observer/higher self/UNIVERSE you…
And you have your little you that loves to play small
You have to choose which aspect to listen to/BE….
The one you allow dictates the dimensional reality/timeline you experience in every moment NOW.
We’ve been in the highest frequencies ever experienced thus far.
Higher timelines are open again. Grab them, go for it, you’ve waited for this forever…………………….. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼