By Intention

Heavenletter #3729
Published on: February 9, 2011

God said:

If only all your thoughts could be serene. Yet it seems that your thoughts are up for grabs. Thoughts seem to descend on you like raindrops, as if you have no choice of which thoughts you can accept or desist. Too often you are wide open to thoughts, at their mercy, so it seems. Make a decision now that you will be at the mercy of love. Any thoughts that do not fall under the category of love, reject them. Elude them. Boot them out. Turn away from them. Escape them.

And do you know what all the non-love thoughts seem to be about? They seem to be about fear in one form or another. Goodness knows, there are plenty of fear thoughts, fear of spilling something on your blouse, or falling down, or falling ill, to fear of dying suddenly or dying ever or fear of life altogether.

Beloveds, there is no fear worth having. The little fears add up to anxiety and depression. The bigger fears grow into panic. There are plenty of other thoughts you can choose.

It has been said that you cannot think two thoughts at the same time. So the cure for fear thoughts then would be to replace them with thoughts of love. I am not telling you to push away fear thoughts by dint of will. I am not telling you to mask fear thoughts. I am telling you to replace them. Make thoughts of love your habit. If you can stop smoking, you can stop fear in its tracks.

You find so many reasons to exalt fear and let it dominate you. Exalt love instead. Exalt the concept of love. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could always be aware of love and have cause for love?

One fear leads to another. Because of fear, you hide from fear, and then you fear that the fear will find you.

If you must fear, fear that you will love so much that there is no place for fear. Perhaps you fear you will be lost without fear. What will you occupy your mind with? What will you think about if you were fearless? I am telling you what you would think about. Instead of fear stories, tell yourself love stories.

If you find no person to love, then love the stars, love flowers, love night, love day, love a book, love a good cup of coffee. Endless are the choices of what to love. Love love.

The hardest thing to love seems to be yourself. Somehow you seem to see yourself as the bad guy or the weak guy or the misguided guy or even the good guy most unappreciated and overlooked or abandoned by the world. Never mind all that. Stop thinking about yourself and how the world seems to write you off. Be a write-in on the ballot, then, and be done. Think of what I know you to be. Trade in your picture of yourself for a new one.

Love the palm of your hand. Love your search for love. Love finding love. Love the next thing you see. Love the next person you meet. Everyone and everything you meet is a reflection of you. Truth there is, yet your thoughts are reflected in the relative world. It would seem that life is like a recipe you put together, a little of this, a smattering of that. Who puts in too much pepper in the sauce? Who but you, beloveds? Or too much salt in a cake? If you can put in a cup of salt by mistake, certainly you can put in a cup of sugar by intention.


2 thoughts on “By Intention

  1. Love- the energy flowing in the universe, making things happen around us. Love connects us, a thread stitching life together. ♥. Indeed when you have love in your heart there is no space for fears. Love vanishes all our fears, pains. Why to suffer in hatred and fears when one can enjoy in love, loving life. Beautiful post, it was lovely reading it.xx


  2. Love-the most powerful energy flowing in the universe, connecting us. Love is a flowerly thread that stitches all of us together as one. There is no space for fears where love rules. ♥
    I loved reading this post, adorable!

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