Eyes and Heart

Heavenletter #183
Published on: April 30, 2001

God said:

Your eyes are the windows you look out from. Your eyes are not objective. Your eyes conjure up things. Your eyes flash pictures according to their own predilection. You sight ahead of time.

Two different sets of eyes see the same object and see it differently. Two may see the same movie and each see it in a way the other did not, perhaps even opposite, perhaps not seemingly the same movie at all. What is seen is open to interpretation. The same with hearing. I will talk about seeing now.

The act of seeing comes from somewhere. The object does not enter your eyes. Your eyes enter the object. You have double exposure. Clear your lens. That means to open your eyes wide. Like your heart, your eyes need to open without fear and therefore with the ability to see, just as the heart has to open without fear and therefore with the ability to love.

Eyes and heart work together. As your eyes open, so will your heart.

Often you do not see what is before you. You see a pre-picture. You see what you believe you will see or fear you will see. Built upon your past impressions, you draw conclusions before the object appears, and then you never see what is before you. You set yourself up.

The same object is seen as good or as bad depending upon whose eyes see and where the eyes are coming from. You have an extra set of eyes in your head called the mind. The mind steers your overt eyes. You know that what I say is true. You have an advisor within that allows only so much light in. This advisor or withholder of sight snaps a picture too soon, incompletely, or from an angle that is guaranteed not to let you see clearly. The mind is crafty. It protects you where no protection is needed.

Let’s turn this around a little and look at how you have viewed yourself being viewed. Once upon a time you were seen in a certain way that perhaps did not do you honor, and now your eyes see others looking at you in the same way. You attached your past to your present. Your past perception may have been accurate or it may not, but in any case it is inaccurate and limiting to carry it into the present. You may even want to prove that your previous perception was accurate. Aha, you were right! Look at how you are underestimated, see?

Your responsibility now is to allow yourself to be seen differently. Prove yourself wrong. Prove that the world can react differently toward you than it has or you think it has. You have been telling the world how to see you. Now allow the world to see you. Change your picture of yourself so that others will begin to see.

This does not mean that you put a whole lot of weight in how the world sees you or that your joy in life goes up and down according to it. No, you are putting weight on your lighting the world. Lift yourself up so that others may be uplifted. Do not pull yourself down to a smaller size, for that pulls others down along with you. Help others to see bigger. Help others to see truth. Expand your vision, and expand others’ as well. You must. This is what you must do and do today. See differently. See beyond what has previously occurred to you.

Consider what I have created. Start from here. Let the true you be seen and known. Let yourself up. Awaken to yourself. Cast My light before you so that others may see you and therefore themselves.