Sacred Is the Truth

Heavenletter #4978
Published on: July 12, 2014

God said:

Let Us return to the Truth of Life and leave manufactured Truth behind. There is no image you have to keep, not at all. Do not bear false witness. Do not embroider yourself. Feel what you feel. There is no need to masquerade or put on a façade. You are as you are. You need no fancy stitching. You need no exaggerated image of yourself. There is no need to puff yourself up. To what avail, beloveds? You are not meant to live on hot air. You are meant to breathe in and out the air you breathe. You are not meant to add frills. You are meant to be and to speak God’s Honest Truth.

You are not a dissembler. You do not count to twenty and say you counted to fifty. There is no reason to exaggerate at all. Live by your word and your deed. You are not to be one who bluffs. Sacred is the Truth. The Truth is a glad day, simple basic Truth, not confession, not admission. There is nothing for you to confess or admit to. I admitted you to the company of the stars, star light star bright. Stars shine as they shine. Do not try to add dimensions of stars to your stardom.

Let it be enough that you are. You ARE. Your existence is holy and needs nothing added on. You who are full of good will and good deed need no being blown up. If you regard yourself as less than good will and good deed, you need to take a second look.

It is perfectly fine to be a simple human being on Earth. Serve as you serve. You need no self-plaudits or any form of aggrandization. Why fly under false colors? Why make yourself bigger than you are when you are everything to Me? Do not put on a show, for you pull the wool over your eyes. You pull the carpet from under your feet. You are not a sham. You are a carrier of Paradise. Start on good footing. Be the Truth you are.

What a startling thing to be full of Truth and nothing less. Anything less than Truth is less. You are more. You are greater than words. Celebrate being true to yourself. This is honesty which I applaud. I applaud you. I applaud your Truth. Be true to yourself. Why would you pretend that you did not break your pencil or make up a story? You are not compelled to. No one makes you do it. What fear makes you add on then? Why would you deny your very self? Unless you hung up your clothes, why say you did?

Being straightforwardly honest is a refreshing way to meet life. You ate up all the pie? Well, then, you ate up all the pie. It is a human portrait of yourself. You want a picture of yourself, not someone else. Although from a certain vantage, life is a make-believe dream anyway, you are not to manipulate the dream. Although from a certain vantage, life is Let’s Pretend, you are to open your eyes and not close them, making a Hollywood drawing of yourself. State the Truth, beloved. You are better than you think. You are better than you know.

Live with yourself and stay in your Truth. Truth is good. Truth is preferable to any made-up gaudiness or right answer. Be a proponent of yourself.

Thy Name is Truth. Remember that you are My Magnificence and stay firm in the simple awareness that you are My Magnificence.