To function as UNIFIED BEING

Human Conditioning: Where Do You Have Conditions on HOW You Are To BE In-Service Here?

Lisa Transcendence Brown

BEing an Ascended BEing, means many things… One is that you get to experience NEW Earth as your new physical REALity, all of the time, that you have Mastered the Separation of “Time” within you, which means you have Mastered the Separation of any duality within you too. It means that you are a continual observer and you “auto-correct” REALities yourself, it means that you’ve let go of all of the CONDITIONS that you had before, when you were functioning from a state of amnesia/unconsciousness and that you maintain full-alignment (with your Higher Selves/Soul/Universe/Galaxies) at all times, from inside….. 

Many coming through the “I’ve left the Matrix, done my own inner work to transcend those limiting beliefs…. now what?” Well, many things….. Physical Body Ascension is “just the beginning” for all of us once we come out “on the other side”….. 

You will spend more “time” clearing cellular imprints, the deep ones that you didn’t know were still there. They may not rule your reality anymore, but they are still lingering around in your bones, teeth, organs and the rest of your body that still has much to purify and cleanse…..

Once you have completed physical body ascension, now it’s time to be fully in-service…. you’ll no longer be a “seeker” trying to understand… you’ll no longer hold separation from your higher self aspects/your Universe, they will be one with you and you with them….. Unity Consciousness…. a way of existing… no longer words that human aspect mutter when they are “trying to understand”…. 

Now it’s time for you to function, as a UNIFIED BEING, as that Pure Divine Love BEing, while also fulfilling your highest Soul Purposes here… You will have transcended the “I don’t want to do “that” as a part of my service”, for your human loves to put conditions on things and decide what’s comfortable and doesn’t challenge them “too much”, and Ascension is not here to make it easy on your human, it’s actually quite the opposite. 

Easy and comfortable come once you’ve walked through the discomfort and there’s no more energy left. Easy comes when you stop fighting a process that your Soul came here to accomplish, which is the limits that your little human constantly placed on everything, the lack where you used to hold back, the not wanting to do what was uncomfortable or to give/share that which it held out “for itself”…. Easy comes when that strong energy is gone, when your Ascended You doesn’t place limits anymore on how you are to be in-service…. (This is another reason why there is so much sleeping, so that the gridwork (muscles) that held all of that resistance and conditioning can relax and those programs can finally be released…. 

When you really really really tune in to WHY YOU ARE HERE, you will look around and see all of the ways that you can contribute, all of the ways that you can make a difference, all of the ways that really matter and your little human won’t get in the way of “doing that”. You’ll step up to the plate, you’ll come forward and offer, you won’t have to be asked anymore…. This is what you Ascended Aspect does… it doesn’t wait until it receives a return first, it realizes the RETURN comes ONCE it has done and transmitted the frequency out from a place of PURITY so that the PUREST realities can then be returned vibrationally….. and that is just one way of how Materialization works, and Mastering the Physical too….. you realize that PHYSICAL MATTER takes form…. IN RESPONSE TO YOU.

All of those fears of insecurity…. illusions…. created to keep you in a space of fear, safety and your little self separated off from the WHOLE. All of those times you held back, held out for yourself, you start to understand how you CREATED all of that before….. All of that “doing without”, you’ll start to understand how separation and unity work….. All of that “loss”, you’ll start to really truly get how you didn’t lose anything at all….. that what you perceived as “loss” was something that represented your own separation from/AS SOURCE that you still held inside….

When you remove the CONDITIONS, then the Conditions are removed for you. When you stop trying to control, then FREE FLOW is restored for you. When you remove the LIMITS, then the self-imposed limits will also dissolve…. When you finally start to get it, that you are here as a part of something BIGGER, you’ll realize how separated you were….. 

I used to say “but I don’t want to do that”…. and my then higher self said “you don’t get to choose, until you’ve already done it, then you get a choice in what you truly desire to do”. So, I started doing everything I was shown would contribute, make a difference and that I had at my own disposal, which was an entire arsenal of gifts, physical world things and my consciousness, my knowledge, my experiences, my own connection/access here. 

In the beginning, I didn’t have much, for I was one of those who chose to lose everything to understand and to re-establish my own connection again. I had to learn to see the GIFTS in all, have gratitude for absolutely everything and then take that appreciation and gratitude and CARE ENOUGH to want to give back, to care enough to pay it forward, to care enough to get in there an get my hands dirty to take up the slack, to care enough to want to come together, work together and to CREATE/ ANCHOR higher vibrational/timeline realities in this one right here….. I had to care enough for those around my, that I was willing to do what it took to make it easier for us all. I had to care enough to do what it took, then I got a choice….. 

I got a choice in easy, comfortable, physical abundance, peace, bliss, magic, joy, kindness, compassion, consideration, respect, love, purity…. because this was my world that I created/anchored here….. I got a choice in sacrifice (human) or infinite everything that supported my own Soul’s Purposes/Galactic Missions as a part of the WHOLE here. I got a choice, because I chose to walk through the discomfort and dissipate the illusions of lack, not enough, separation and fear….. I got a choice because I was willing to listen and willing to DO whatever it took to honor AS MY HIGHEST ASPECT ME HERE.

As an Ascended Being, you are here to fulfill your highest purposes and LIVE your infinite DREAMS and DESIRES here. As you fulfill one, all will in return fulfill your highest most everything here. One creates other, and the hardest thing for your human is to DO that which is most aligned Universally/Galactically with your own Soul, for your own Soul is ONE again with the ALL and everything you are and do is for all as ONE ….. these realities do not collapse, because they are built/constructed on NEW EARTH PRINCIPLES of UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS and held in place with the same…. where every decision, every act, every thought, every breath breathes love and life into our Galactic NEW Earth/Highest Existences here.

What are you continually aligning to? Your human conditioning or your highest aspect you? This will determine everything FOR you….. ∞

In service with every breath….. I love you. ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown