REALity … it’s your CREATION

3D/4D/5D/6D/7D + Is an Experience in Response to Your Consciousness

Lisa Transcendence Brown

“That” is not a 3D world… that is a 3D Consciousness/Experience in a physical reality world…..

3D/4D/5D/6D/7D and above…. you are EXPERIENCING a physical reality BASED UPON YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS…..

The D represents the dimension of your consciousness and the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 + represents the vibrational frequency (transmission/resonance/feedback), which is the MATERIALIZATION of your vibrational consciousness….

When you “look out there”, YOU have to identify the CONSCIOUSNESS, rather than just “label it” 3D/4D/5D, etc. When you walk around, you are in ALL OF THESE DIMENSIONS SIMULTANEOUSLY …. and your experience is based upon your own overall vibration (consciousness) that you’ve been able to achieve/hold ALL OF THE TIME from within….

WE walk in the physical, yet our dimensions operate at a different dimensional vibration/frequency, because of our CONSCIOUSNESSES and ability to bring our body with us (our cells vibrate at those frequencies too)….

We experience the highest vibrational realities in our physical, because of our FULL CONSCIOUSNESS and because we CHOSE to leave the denser vibrational realities and take our bodies with us……

WE don’t experience those dimensions anymore… do they exist? Sure they do, for those who walk in them, still live in them… yet they do not affect our realities unless we allow them to, unless we continue to bring those CONDITIONED/LIMITED realities into ours and compromise our reality ….

WE have the ability not to compromise anymore, to hold these HUGE FOUNDATIONAL REALITIES in place, all of the time, no matter what goes on around us, out there, because when we look out there, we SEE —– OUR DIMENSIONal Experience….

Our inner-actions are magical, magnificent, beautiful and filled with love, respect, kindness, compassion, respect and UNITY ….. There is no competition, there is sharing….

Physical realities are a VIBRATION … that MATCH each’s consciousness, a vibrational plane of existence that each has the ABILITY to achieve from inside and honor their physical body form as it releases the denser programs that held one ANCHORED in those unconscious realities before…..

Y/Our Consciousness dictates PHYSICAL MATTER….. it takes form in response to us….

Look around you, see what you believe, see what you can identify in your own reality and the consciousness it reflects back to you….

When you start to DECIPHER & DECODE your own REALities, you’ll understand your own CREATION that occurs all around you … 360 degrees …. Your Universe that you walk in …. and interact with other multi-dimensionals here for a physical experience too….

This takes your HIGHER MIND …. your activated and evolved Pineal Gland… from your heart being fully open so that you can again see…. This takes your constant awareness of what you ARE CREATING to EXPERIENCE here….

That   …. all of it…. You insist it into form, you believe it into form, your directed energy creates form….

Your SUPER POWERS give you the ABILITY to RESHAPE MATTER…. easily, naturally, because they are done effortlessly, as a part of WHO YOU TRULY ARE….. ♥

I love you… Open up fully to truly realize and see again. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼