You have the Ability to be the LIGHT

Exciting Integrations for More Highest Timeline Experiences NOW ♦ 

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

P • O • W • E • R • F • U • L ….. is always an understatement, yet “this time” it really applies (again). We continue the completion of a deeply immense re-gridding of Galactic Gaia’s and our own physical body re-calibrations and an upgraded multi-galactic HUman StarGate system and “new” BODY FIELD re-connection process that has many of “offline” until this process is complete. 

Higher and higher and higher in frequency we go, which means deeper within and more expanded than ever before, with access to more information and opportunities for each to shift into all new timelines… continually now.

The most important thing is that you are honoring your physical body and when it speaks to you, maintaining that connected state inside and observing old programming, old patterns that may re-surface and any time you feel the need to go back into old mindsets of lack, less, safe, secure, protection, fear of “not enough”, where you are judging anything as measurement, good/bad, right/wrong, better than or something being “against” anything. Observe where you allow things to occur that don’t support what you truly desire to experience here and when you separate off, go small, give your power away again…. 

Pay attention to your mind and the thoughts that run on the old outdated “subconscious” system that you have the POWER to listen to and determine what is truly true for you and the moment you have a thought, see if it’s creating the most exquisite outcome or an old-loop-programmed one. 

Re-create yourself… go all out! Hear your stories and change them to stories that inspire, uplift and show off your most exquisite heart, spirit and pure soul inside….. Open up completely, be visible, let others see, feel and hear your light. 

Choose to let go of all that no longer serves your highest potential and dreams, drains your energy, doesn’t support you in a way that is beneficial (this one is tricky for our human aspect, because we mis-identify what supports us energetically in the beginning)….. focus your energy on what supports your own soul and surround yourself with all things “highest consciousness”, soul activating, heart & higher mind expanding, energy stimulating and move your energy, direct it, intentionally (unless you are sleeping to integrate)…..

These exceptional new timelines bring more ease, more peace, more everything in response to you.

Pay attention to when you get caught up in the old 3D chaos, drama and games… this will show you where you are giving your power away and not making a decision that is necessary to move you out of those timeline realities, where you are spinning in the unconscious loop cycle still….. Every one will have to make those decisions that are necessary to shift out of that unconscious timeline and into one that is free from the constraints, limits and victim mentalities… it’s a necessary part of the process for all of us.

Re-focus your energy, resources and all of you to joining (uniting) with all others who are DOING GLOBAL CHANGE already, join (unite) with those who are SHOWING THE WAY and who have already done it or, better yet, you step into your WAYSHOWER role and you be the one to unite, inspire, create, reach, touch, connect, assist AS YOUR HIGHEST ASPECT YOU….. You be the one or join those who are already doing it… you help strengthen our NEW EARTH GRIDWORK every time you step up to come on-board/on-line with us and leave all who still want to play in the old unconscious realities until full collapse in their own inner-world/outer physical world has occurred…..

Those around you may be confused and you have the ability to be the LIGHT…. to create a space of kindness, respect, compassion and assist with heart openings in every way too. Your heart must be open though and your higher mind must be online….. 

Many have entered into Crystalline Gridkeeper phase and Gatekeeper phase with their physical bodies, which is a whole new ballgame …. as is this whole process in every moment now. 

Have a most magical week as we, StarGates and NEW Earth’s Crystalline Grid gets ready to power up to come back online higher, stronger and more powerful than ever before…. 

I love you. ♥ 

Your energy is precious and so are you! ♥ 
Always, love, honor and respect you! ♥
This opens a portal for others to do this too! ♥

Lisa  ♥