A Pilgrimage called Life

Heavenletter #3134
Published on: June 24, 2009

God said:

Good morning, beloveds. I am in your presence, and I am at your service. Whose service would I be at if not yours?

This does not mean I always do your bidding as you would have Me do it. When you drop your ice cream cone, I don’t pick it up. When you scrape your knee, you have a scrape. I don’t undo the fall. I do kiss your knee, however, and I plan on other occurrences that you will enjoy much more than a fall.

And yet why not enjoy everything that occurs? Enjoy isn’t exactly the word I want, although it is as close as I can get. We are talking about life, beloveds. Get the most from it. Even pain, well, you may not exactly enjoy it, but it sure lets you know you are alive. Wring all the life from life that you can get. Experience life, and go along with it. Don’t mind what you mind quite so much.

You may think you hit bottom, yet, beloveds, there is no bottom to hit, the same way that there is no top. There is always higher. There are no limits. There are no limits. There is also nothing that limits you to pain even when you are in pain. There is nothing to limit you to suffering even when you are suffering.

Consider life a meal. You sit down to a meal. You may not be served your favorite foods, and yet you are being fed. So eat then. Be glad for the food before you. Be glad for the life before you. Even when life seems to be undelectable, still be for it. Even if you are being led off to prison, you are experiencing life.

Beloveds, you are on a pilgrimage. A pilgrimage is a wonderful thing. The pilgrimage you are on is called Life. Hurray for life! Long may it stand.

Catch even the beauty in what you don’t see as beautiful. What you experience may be excruciating. It can even be excruciatingly beautiful.

You are one who experiences. That is what a human being is. You are an experiencer. You are also a giver, and you are also a receiver. Receive experience, beloveds, and know that you grow from every experience. You are not the same as you were yesterday. Be as you are today. Be the fullness thereof. Be the fullness I AM.

Run away with Me today. Let’s skip-to-my-lou. Let’s be overjoyed today. Get out of your sickbed, beloveds. You don’t belong there. You have a limitless world before you, and a tour to go on. Be ready at 8 a.m. Be ready to step on the gas pedal, and receive a message far beyond what you already know.

Every person and every event in life is an experience, and an experience for your good. Of course, an experience is what you make of it.

Remember the story of the lame boy who couldn’t run away? He learned to face encounters in life.

Circumstances may be hard to take. They may make you weep, yet even your tears are here for your benefit. Let them wash away what they will. Even if your body is confined to bed, get your heart and mind out of bed, beloveds. You may well be the inspiration for somebody. People will certainly model themselves after you. Be a model for what you want to be. This is not pretense or denial. This is doing what you can do.

Consider every event and person as a friend. Have no adversaries. Get all the juice there is to get, even from what may not seem beneficial at all. What if everything that occurs is to your benefit? What if it is?



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