The Onset of Miracles

Heavenletter #2944
Published on: December 16, 2008

God said:

Be done with boundaries. What do you need them for? They keep you bound. Be a free man, not indentured to old thoughts.

Whenever you hear yourself thinking, “I can’t do that, nobody can do that, it’s impossible,” think again.

Whenever you hear yourself saying, “I’m not good at that” or “That’s not who I am,” change your words.

Yes, you, who are perfect in My eyes, I tell you to change your thoughts. Turn them in. It’s time they were recycled. Trade in old thinking for new. Don’t even trade it in. You don’t want anyone to have your old thinking. Throw out old thinking from your mind. Throw it in the trash. That old thinking was never really yours anyway. You simply took it on. You copied it. You thought it was a good thing. But, really, no offense, it was good for nothing but defeat.

Obey the statutes. Otherwise, let your mind fly. Let your thoughts soar.

There is nothing in the world that your thoughts cannot change.

There is nothing in the world that has to hamper you. Only if you concede, are you hampered.

Your mind is free, beloveds. You need let nothing control what you think. Others’ thoughts do not have to confine yours. Be the free high Being that you are regardless of circumstances, regardless of the people who say no to you, regardless of the people who look askance at you, regardless of your own doubts. There is the culprit, your own doubts, and what are doubts but your own thinking? Banish self-doubt. Banish it forever.

You are the captain of your ship. You are the helmsman. You are the one at the tiller of your life. The wheel of life is in your hands. Your life was given to you to steer, not merely to follow along whatever boat happens to be in front of you.

Be a free agent, beloveds. Let the world do as worlds do, and you be sovereign of yourself. Do not overthrow society. Overthrow your own thoughts. Do not comb someone else’s hair. Comb your own.

Keep your thoughts high, and your heart will keep its shoulders back, and it will beat a happy tune. If your heart has been damaged, your thoughts have damaged it. Whatever your thoughts have done, your thoughts can undo. Don’t believe for one minute that it is too late. Late and early, too late, too soon — those are all temporal words of the world. There is no too late; there is no too soon. All is right now, and you can rebuild your thoughts and therefore your life right now, right now before your eyes.

Who says you cannot grow new limbs? Who says a heart is beyond repair? You might call regrowth and repair as miracles. Well, beloveds, what is odd about miracles? Do you think they are so rare? Miracles are a dime a dozen. Look around you. It is all miracle. Why allow some miracles and not others? Who are you to cut miracles in half? Who are you to say some things are possible and some things are not? Who are you to prevent the onset of miracles? Who are you to say no to miracles. Who are you to deny what I tell you?

Who are you to say that life can go this far, but no further? Who are you to wrap life in a package, and keep it back from expanding? Who can believe in life as it is spread out before you anyway? Life itself is not logical.

Perhaps the time has come for you to throw away logic and just run ahead with life, and see where it takes you and see what life unshackled can do. It can work wonders. Why, it can move mountains. Do you not know that everything is moving right now?


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