Your Life

Heavenletter #1155
Published on: January 6, 2004

God said:

Like songs, life comes in many genres, many rhythms and many styles. All have their place. All serve. All cadences have merit. No one can say that one beat is superior to another. Have your favorites, but welcome the arrival of music in all its forms. You would not wish to be without it.

The same with all the colors of the rainbow. No color looks for your vote. By what authority can anyone say yellow is better than blue or blue is better than yellow? All colors belong, or they would not be. Your appraisals are not worth much. Appreciate the quality of color, and then you can appreciate all the luscious shades it comes in.

Life is not meant to be seen as past or future. It ushers itself in. It is not under your command. That is a good thing. Let life arrive as it arrives. You are not intended to be a deterrent to life. You are not to shove it back. It has every right to be here. It is passing this way. Life on earth is only a passing thing. It cannot be restricted. It need not be tied nor dismantled.

Life is like breathing. You have to let it be. It goes on its own. Woe to breathing if it had to be under your conscious control! Yes, be to life as you are to breathing. It does well without force from you.

Yet breathe deeply of life. Be conscious that you are connected to life, to all of life and to all who walk beside you. Wherever another walks, he walks beside you. There is no race to run, and there is no winner or loser to life.

For your term of life on earth, you have it. All you can do is give wholeheartedly to it while your body is present. Life on earth is your servant but not your slave. Do not force yourself upon your life. Make your demands few. Make your acceptance great.

Anyone can command, but your commands are not law, nor can they be enforced. Call life to you in a gentle away. Neither reject nor fight it.

The simple way is yours. When life knocks on your door, simply open it. Let it come in. You do not keep it out in the cold. You do not regulate it. You usher it in and give it its due.

Regardless of how this transient life on earth appears, no matter how it is dressed, you have no choice but to be courteous to it. It is not for you to make life unwelcome. You are not meant to be a critic of it.

Intend that you be a lover of it. Be a lover of it. Be an admirer. No matter what, life keeps going along. Life never gives up on you. Be gracious to life and welcome its arrival and graciously move forward to welcome the next installment.

Life on earth is your guest, and you are also life’s guest. You cohabit. Hold hands as you and life walk together in this little skit. The thunder may be loud, or the sun shining. Disparage nothing that shows up in life.

Consider life like a diamond you wear on your finger. You received this ring in order to hold it up so that others may behold it through the bright eyes of your love.

Your life deserves more honor than you have given it. You have taken it for granted. You have pursed your lips about it. You have not always made it welcome.

Life on earth comes to you for only a little while. It would make you its cheerful partner. Who wants a cranky one? And who wants to crab about life as often as you have?

Today lay a place for your life, and serve it well.


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