The Truth of YOU

You don’t have a human body… you have a multi-dimensional body that was asleep

Lisa Transcendence Brown

You don’t have a human body… you have a multi-dimensional body that was asleep, that entered the unconscious slumber “trying” to fit into a human existence and is now waking up to multi-dimensional existence finally/again here….

You have a “body” that is no longer able to suppress….

You have a “suit” to hold all of your light…

You have a vessel to carry you through to the other side…

You have a little ship…. that you steer, that you drive, that you often fly when you float to ascend…

You have a container that attempts to hold the PURITY that you ARE, yet it barely can….

You have a form…. that’s it… a thing that you created to hold the vastness that you are… Universes/Galaxies and Pure Source Light in physical this physical here….

Your Star Particles, your Essence, your Divinity, You AS SOURCE... Creator…. and that form must constantly change and adapt as you EMBODY new aspects within you….

That form cannot contain you without continual adaptation to NEW DNA constantly re-coding your genetics and changing your molecular structure….

On a sub-atomic level… every cell of your body is mutating… yes, mutating…. back into who you truly are…

You might as well get over those perceptions of what your human form is supposed to do/look like… for that was human too….

Your form will REFLECT and transmit out…. basically the way that you perceive you…. it will CARRY YOUR ENERGY and radiate out the purity or the lack… the magic or the “less”, the unity or the separation (ego)…. It will, at times, project great femininity or masculinity, because you are coming into a phase that requires this… yet this is human too…. as you evolve into your Divine Essence You. ♥

For your DIVINITY is not feminine or masculine, it’s an Essence that emanates from deep inside of you….

Your Divinity is both feminine and masculine and creator/child/source too…. it is purity, at your CORE … it’s the truth of you who truly are… and it conforms to nothing… it is INFINITE BEyond…..

It has no limits, sees no judgments, caters to nothing of the old, yet it holds all as SACRED …. FROM INSIDE…. not just “those moments” that one “hears” the word sacred or goes to a sacred place….

ALL is Sacred here…. Every place/space you occupy/visit, every experience that you have… every connection of SOULS, so purely sacred that human’ness no longer exists…. no more separation, no more “little I”, no more of that old anything…. it’s all gone… why?

Because you released it all from deep inside of you, you came to live/exist this way…. purely… from deep inside of you…. ♥

When you no longer “see” separation, man or woman, this or that, when you no longer HOLD separation inside… your own REALity will reflect this back. ♥

Look beyond your body and BE ….. connect…. fully…. again….. ♦

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼