A Flute of Love

Heavenletter #2020
Published on: June 3, 2006

God said:

Be kind. Talk kindly. Lower your voice. Have the voice of an angel. Let beautiful notes issue from your throat today. No harshness. No impatience. Be an angel of mercy. At least, do not be a harridan.

It is not so much words you have to call back. It is the tone. The tone of your voice has a language of its own. You are sending out a call to the universe. It is the echo of your voice that is attended to.

Let your voice sound a bell, not a clang. Let your voice be sweet. Let your voice be a messenger from a realm where peace lies. You are not a crow. Be a nightingale. If someone else must be a crow, let them. Be concerned with the conduct of your own voice, beloveds.

Remind yourself that you visit Earth on My behalf, and thus be gentle. No one can withstand your ill humor. The universe cannot.

Today the timbre of your voice will elevate the hearts of all far and near. Today your voice will signal the level of harmony that you wish to attract. What you say today and how you say it is important. Open up your heart once and for all, and let everyone in. You are to welcome other hearts into yours. As with a famine, you must share your rice. You would let no one be hungry.

There is a famine of the heart going on, and you must fill hearts. Let no heart wander alone. Let no hands block ears because your voice is too rough or too loud. Culture your voice as well as your heart.

Beloveds, there is an epidemic of hurt and hastiness in the world. You have the cure. Please use it. Soften your voice today. Let no cross word pass your lips.

Start with yourself. Be benign to yourself. No self-lectures. Just ease. Melt in My love. When you know you are loved, can you be cross? If you are cross, then your fault is in not knowing that you are loved. When you know you are loved, then you can be love. You can be it today. You can be a sentinel of love today. Even without words, you can be. Come from that place where love is, and only love is.

It is not for you to belie love. You are not to prove it out of existence. You are to herald it. You are to speak for love, stand up for it, take care of it. It is a beautiful jewel set before you to hold up high where everyone may see it and hear it and know it is for them.

Your heart calls out for love. Answer that cry for someone else. Be a diviner of love. In so doing, you will remove shadows that have fallen on other hearts. Be a remover of shadows. Take away hurt from the world. Lay a layer of love upon the world. Cover it with a blanket the way a mother covers her sleeping child.

The world is asleep, beloveds. Wake it with a gentle voice. Let your voice be a flute of love. See the notes of your voice display themselves across the universe. See the world quiver in joy at the sound of your voice across the horizon. Your voice is so pleasant, the sun will follow it. You are setting a trail of love that your voice sets off. Hear the loveliness now. I have spoken.



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