Clinging to the Past

Heavenletter #4215
Published on: Iunie 9, 2012

God said:

What is it that leads to your clinging to the past? What leads you to cry for someone who was once alive and dear to you and is still dear to you? It would make more sense to celebrate the one you love than to water your great love with tears.

It is time you are mourning for. Once upon a time, there was someone you loved dearly. Almost half your life, the loved one has vacated Earth, and still you weep. What is it you weep for, beloved, but a time in your life when you were someone else and your loved one was true to you? Your loved one is true to you now. He is truer than ever. His love is greater now. What if your love is greater now, and you could rejoice that you yourself know how to love and how to love without attachment?

You do not have to keep your deceased loved one close to you. You do not have to tie him to you. He is as close to you now as I am, for your loved one and I stand right next to you, beside you, across from you, as close to you as close itself.

Love has not departed. A body left, that’s all. Love remains. Do you think your loved one wants you to weep for him? He wants you to smile for him. He is smiling at you now and calling you by name.

It is true that he meant a great deal to you when he was alive on Earth, and he means a lot to you now. You are happy for the love he showered on you. The love was there in his heart. What could he do but pour it on you? That was his joy. You and he had a mutual joy. Is that to cry for?

He never left your heart, and you never left his. What more could you ask?

You know it is not possible to return to those days, to have him return in a body. If it were possible, it would not be the same. You are not the same. In Infinity, you had a special moment, and you have it still. The love you held your beloved in, and the love he held you in continue as strong as ever. There never was a break in it. It always was. It always is. Your love for one another is sealed. It cannot be broken. This is love. Whether the beloved one you weep for is father, mother, son or daughter, husband or wife, the love you gave and are giving still and the love you received and are receiving still, has not changed. The object of your love hasn’t changed except in form. He cannot physically occupy your present life as once he did. Just think, before you even knew about soul and Eternity and Infinity as you know them now, you knew love. You knew love simply requited. He smiled, you smiled. He laughed, you laughed. You made each other happy. That is a great thing.

Must you be sad for the glory that your life held in a certain time and place on Earth?

You know how effortless love is when you have it. It simply is there. You could not detract from it if you tried.

Love is not less because the physical embodiment is no longer on Earth.

Where can love be located anyway? Where does your love live? It lives in your heart. It lives in the Universe. Love lives. And love lives forever. You can be glad now that on Earth, you once had a great love, and you have that love still.


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