The Energies of May 2017

The Energies of May 2017

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

We being a new energetic month, in which, taking care of our physical vehicles is pivotal to help them shift, dissolve what is not aligned with the new frequency that we are embodying, and allow them to integrate all the new stellar codes that we are receiving. During March and April, we worked more with the feminine essence within us all, the ones who nurtures, loves and give birth to all. Now, during May and the following months of the year, we pass to allow the Yang – masculine essence – of us to act, bring forth and protect in the tangible that which the feminine first birthed and nurtured from within, in the previous months.

This is a month to work with our physical being, anchoring it in Earth as well as we are align with the Higher Aspects of ourselves. It is essential that we connect and direct the healing power of Mother Earth to release our primary fears and let this earthly force remind us of our authentic connection to the Planet and how, unlike some people, it protects and infinitely nurtures us.

To confirm the need that we, and our bodies, have for stabilization and harmony, the frequency of this month is number 15 – 6 reduced. Number 15, represented in tarot by the card of the devil, confirms this clearing phase, for we have been integrating our shadows, seeing beyond human illusions, and beginning to move from a deep sense of polarization to a unified one of love and integrity. It is now that we pass from the number 5 frequency, which indicated change, in April, to stabilize those changes within and in our physical plane. For changes shall be harmonized once we anchor them, otherwise, chaos will be the only constant.

On the other hand, number 6, the frequency from this month of May, also reminds us of the love that we all are – in Essence – and that we came here to embody within our Human vehicle. Number 6 is represented by the tarot card of the Lovers, which to me, is not just about physical relationships but about the inner reunion, between opposites, that has to occur first – from within – before it happens. For it is by acquiring perfect equilibrium and inner unity, that we can truly merge with another with integrity and equality.

We still continue to experience the silence required to manifest our soul visions and enable us to move on from all the noise – that prevents us seeing what is important – to regain a state of balance and inner peace. We begin this month with no major cosmic alignments, so to say, but with many opportunities to expand on our soul gifts and share them in the physical, for we have on May 3 Jupiter, the Planet of Expansion, quintile Saturn, the Planet of Time and Responsibility. These two cosmic forces will urge us to free ourselves from where our lower self creates limitation, beginning to embrace our true self and embrace higher aspects of our soul mission, to assist All.

As an indication of our cosmic expansion, not just the one we are experiencing but as a whole, the one that our Planet is also having, on May 3 – Mercury – the Planet of communication, will be freed of our human illusion or retrograde motion. Even, if Mercury was never in slow motion to begin with, as I always say, it will help us to expand and establish a better communication with ourselves and with the Higher Realms, for this limited belief is embedded in the collective memory and when the whole creates a certain pattern/belief, it is immediately re-created in our physical plane. So for those who truly believe their reality was in slow motion for a while, they, themselves will end it as well. Not because of Mercury retrograde but because they decide where to put their intention and power.

Mercury entering, on May 15, in Taurus. the Winged Messenger, will show us where we need to create more harmony and equilibrium in our tangible lives. Mercury in Taurus is a wonderful time to observe from a higher perspective of unity with our soul, and its wise view, the aspects of our lives, in which, we should set strong foundations and create more abundance – which is always another form of love – and higher awareness of our true Essence.

When we become sovereigns and responsible beings of our own life experience, we know that we are the only ones who can control our lives and that no outer event can cause any harm in our unique path but our own selves through the illusion we choose to create. As ascending Souls, we have already chosen to release old patterns of thoughts and fears by stepping into the powerful creators and Divine Beings that we all are instead of fearing outer forces or cosmic events.

On May 10, we have a potent Full Moon at 20 degrees of Scorpio. reminding us, again, that the only way we can truly find the light and all the guidance we are so eager to see, is always by navigating within our inner realms. This is where we start opening portals to higher dimensions that allow us to envision different possibilities and realities. The cosmos knows we are impulsive beings following our primordial human fears and as such, we often tend to act without evaluating the whole perspective from a place of Higher Wisdom and Divine Love, and while we need to fear and be patient, our human self just wants to create and act when it is not the right moment.

Scorpio’s Full Moon opens an inner doorway to all these hidden feelings, that we may not be conscious of, as it is a Water sign, and hence a very intuitive one that guides us towards the deepest corners of our soul, that we have not sojourned yet, and that we need to bring into the surface so we can accept whatever we find within as being a part of our precious being, instead of just mere shadows that our human self does not want to look at and therefore denies to embrace and integrate.

On May 17, we have another inconjunct between Jupiter and Neptune, as Jupiter quincunx Neptune. We are being invited to dwell into the aspect of us who is One with All. To put into practice our devotion and care toward not just our loved ones but All, remembering that our true essence is one of selfless assistance. Some people are very concerned about their soul mission, instead of simply expanding into their loving and compassionate nature, which is all we need to assist. Labels such as guides, healers and so on, are not important, only the intention is.

Jupiter inconjunct Neptune remind us, to expand into our Christed nature – one of endless love, lack of judgement and service to All. For we do not need a specific task to act with kindness but to simply be, what we truly are, at all times. As in truth, this is the only mission we brought here, to remember how to act with love, with everything and everyone within this dualistic Universe – overcoming our sense of separation, to realize that we are all the same light split into infinite physical bodies.

At a season, where our creative force is eager to manifest itself clearly in the physical, this quincunx between Jupiter and Neptune, will help us all to release our infinite influx of creativity, giving our soul the opportunity to express itself in the vastness or our tangible realm, for us, for all and for the joy itself of mastering the art of descending into the physical, that which is first created in the invisible. For all the human can imagine, the soul can make real. We just have to trust in the power of what our physical eyes cannot see but which is as real as the human role we have decided to play.

These two forces together, will also reveal the old patterns we still keep repeating unconsciously. As humans, we tend to repeat the same thoughts, acts and patterns at every single moment. For we have been programmed. This is why it is so important to become the Eternal Presence – that dwells within ourselves – and begin to observe the many implants and thought patterns that we still use and that control the natural flow of consciousness, which is our main aim to ascend, to descend it within our human body.

On May 19, we have another important transition, as Saturn will trine Uranus. Is there something you would like to shift from your current reality? Is there something that needs to be dissolved for new things to emerge? If so, this is the perfect time to do it, for both Planets bring the frequency of transition but also the opportunity to bring rebirth into our new life experiences and being. This is a time for calmness and trust in the Universe, especially with the joyful New Moon in Gemini, on May 25.

You can always begin again. There is nothing that impedes you to move forward except your human need to live from the past, when there is nothing happening there for you anymore. It is in this Now moment when you can decide to dream again, to anchor those visions into the physical and to allow yourself to be who you have always been and yet never expressed, because of your fears.

Express yourself, be a voice in the midst of chaos, there are souls out there who think they are lost and are waiting to hear your voice, what you have to share, who you came here to be. For every single moment that you detach yourself from your lower being, and allow yourself to be who you truly are, you are being a gift for All.

Finally, we end the month with the sun entering into Gemini and a New Moon in this same sign on May 25. We pass now from mastering our earthly realm within Taurus to move into the element of Air. It is now time, with the Sun and the New Moon in the Twins, to focus our attention into our regained higher wisdom, to deepen into our relationships – and enjoy the love and the rewards of all we have cultivated – for not only do we live of work and challenges. Our truly natural state is always one of bliss and that should be remembered, in the midst of all the intensity, we are experiencing.

It is also a good time to study and expand our knowledge into new directions that could benefit our inner growth and give us new ideas for the next steps of our journey. Gemini will also assist us to express our hearts and feelings, by communicating with freedom, and discernment. It will help us realize if we tend to focus more in one polarity, than another, so we can find union between different poles.

May is a month to blossom, to prosper and to begin creating a new path by holding more clarity about what we truly desire to bring into fruition. A time to embrace more of what is coming into our lives with an open heart, without fearing anything. It is at this time that we shall rejoice and honor the delight of being here, as humans, at this unique moment within Creation, where we are regaining our True Adamic Essence and all the memories that were once manipulated to disempower who we truly are.

I wish you all a blessed and loving May, Beloveds!

In love and light, always,
Natalia Alba


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