You Are the Knower

God said:

You love that life is a mystery. You may say you want the mystery solved, and yet you may adore the anticipation of knowing the answers perhaps more than knowing the answers.

And yet there is truly no question to be answered — and yet how can the magnificence of life on Earth be so great? And how can such majesty be yours? And how can so many people be One? How can it be that all is well and that there is an overriding majesty and beauty in life even when London Bridge is falling down? How can so much love exist and yet need to be revealed?

In terms of the mystery of life, it is like when you sit down to a great meal. The moment before eating, when you are so hungry, that suspended moment is more delicious than the food itself. You like the mysteries of life to be the carrot before you. You like a story yet untold and another and another. You want one page after another to turn. You want no end to pages.

You love that the Unknown exists. You treasure the Unknown. In comparison, the Known seems like small potatoes. I want to tell you that all is known and you already know it. It is not so much a question of discovery for you as it is of remembrance. It is like the name of someone you know, and, for a while, you simply can’t think of the name. You know it, and yet you can’t think of it. And then there is the moment when the name pops into your head, and you say, “Ah, that’s it. I always knew it. Just couldn’t think of it. But now I remember.”

All that you are seeking to know is a re-cognition, beloveds. It is not so much a question of knowing as it is a question of knowing once again, of simply the light going on, and you recognize that which you already know.

All the boundlessness of life is well-known to you. You think you have forgotten. You think so until you come across an old memory, and you are reminded. You re-member. You put the pieces back together. You discover there was no puzzle to solve, just something to arise in your consciousness again.

Beloveds, you are the Knower. There are no secrets from you. Your face lights up at the realization of that which you have always known.

In truth, life has not fooled you for one moment. You have been aware all along. You have merely covered up your knowing. You have worn the guise of being unaware when you have been aware all the time. You have played the part of an ingénue. If you didn’t already know, how else would you know Truth when you see it? You are seeing it again. You are re-seeing. You always want more before you to unfold. It is true that there is always more and more to unfold, and you take naps in between.

It is not so much another chapter in life as it is another awakening, one awakening after another. You wake up and fall back to sleep, wake up again, and fall back to sleep, and so you spend your life in awakening. Your eyes flutter open and close. Your eyes are like the shutter of a camera, and many pictures are taken, a whole series, one after another, click click click.

Answers to all the mysteries exist in the substrata of your heart. Long may the answers light you up.


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