What If Your Heart Didn’t Look for Results?

Heavenletter #2559
Published on: Noiembrie 27, 2007

God said:

Often I say to you, “Use your heart. Follow your heart. Your beautiful heart.” What does it mean to follow your beautiful heart?

It means to let go of thinking. I am not telling you to never think. Of course, you think. You have a mind for a reason. Only the mind has become predominant. So downplay your mind. When you always follow your mind, then you are reacting to the past and looking to the future. You are figuring something out. You are placing your bets. You brain, like a computer, assembles information and makes something of it. Information is always from the past. Even if you just receive the information, your mind is already assembling it, cranking it out like a slot machine, trying to make three apples come up together.

The brain, like a computer, cannot be spontaneous. It can only follow or react to what has been programmed into it. The brain sees what is directly before it but immediately incorporates it into the past or a projected future. The brain sums up. It calculates. It categorizes. It tells you, based on past records, what it considers most opportune for you to do in order to get results. The brain is always flipping through the past. It files things in categories. It keeps adding. The files bulge. They get so crowded you almost can’t think anymore. The thinking mind, beloveds, is not always reliable. Judgment is not reliable. The heart is reliably a heart. Hearts are made of gold, beloveds.

You may say, “But, God, the heart is not always reliable either. I’ve made mistake after mistake with my heart. I’ve even made a fool of myself with my heart. Experience has taught me I must use my mind over my heart.”

When you say you make mistakes with your heart, you are saying you don’t always get the results you want. You don’t with your brain either. Sometimes your mind is too smart for its own good. The mind means to look out for your best interest, only it doesn’t always know what your best interest is. Outsmarting is not always smart.

What if your heart weren’t looking for results? What if your heart simply beat the tune it beats. What if your heart simply adores what it adores without thought of a future, without thought of what someone else may think, without thought of return, without thought of gain, simply without thought. What if your heart were allowed to say what it feels and to be what it is.

If you still feel that mind is more reliable than your heart, consider then that your heart is a mind. Certainly, your heart has a mind of its own.

Will you at least concede that your heart knows a lot? It knows without knowing why. It knows it wants to make music, or it wants to paint. Your heart knows what makes it happy. Your mind may be well-intentioned, yet it can only come from a distance whereas the heart is immediate. The heart is wise because it does not think. So what if your heart is not clever. I tell you to have a heart.

I don’t tell you to be mawkish. I don’t tell you to be sentimental. I tell you to use your heart.

You know, there is a right tool for everything. You don’t use a hammer when you need a screwdriver.

Your mind will tell you whom you can love, for instance, and whom you may not. Your heart tells you a different story. Your heart tells you what is happening now. Beloveds, minds do not marry, but hearts can. Hearts do.


3 thoughts on “What If Your Heart Didn’t Look for Results?

    1. It is, isn’t? When following our heart we follow passion, intuition, love without looking for what the results could be. Thank you for your comment.


  1. This is inspiring and very correct.I will start doing this,just follow my heart without burdening it with what the future might bring.This is the key to stop over thinking.


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