One Sound

Heavenletter #3178 
Published on: August 7, 2009

God said:

The same way as your thoughts reach the world, so do Mine. Heard or unheard, My words still reach. My words speak for Me, as it were.

We can say that I made one sound at the beginning of Creation, and that sound continues. It certainly hasn’t stopped. You are hearing the hum of My voice now.

I do not speak in any one language, and yet I am heard in all languages. Of course, I AM, for I AM beyond language.

I do not speak in tongues. You hear Me in the language you are familiar with. It is like you hear a familiar tune, and at first you can’t place it, and then in a thrice, the words of the song come to you. I am the song not quite submerged within you. I am the song forgotten but yet hinted at. And then you have a breakthrough. Beloveds, We speak the same language, even as We are far beyond language.

Language is a tool to dig up the meaning, yet meaning is not dependent upon language.

There is a lot about Me that comes from your memory, beloveds. I am stirred from the depths of you. You can consider Me the lion’s roar. You may not hear, and yet you can know that a lion is roaring. I use the word roar as an example, for, of course, I do not roar. I sing, but I do not roar.

I am the hum of the Universe, and I reverberate through you. You are never without Me, and I am never without you. Break the word without in two. I am not out of you. I am not with out you. I am not outside you any more than you are on the outside of Me. We are One yet with what you might say are interchangeable parts, and yet We are not in parts whatsoever, for We are One. We have never parted company.

Hear Me. Hear the magnificence of yourself. Hear your lion’s roar. The lion’s roar I speak of is friendly. It is the sound of Our One Heart beating.

As to the question of whether one hand can clap, well, of course, it can. Clapping wells up. Delight doesn’t even need one hand! It doesn’t need hands at all. Delight rises from deeper than any hand. Clapping is inevitable because a great appreciation of the Universe is your natural expression. Less than appreciation is unnatural.

Beloveds, a blind man does see. Seeing is beyond the eyes. In the ancient literature, it was indeed the blind who could see. They were not so distracted. They more than saw. They knew. Because of their blindness, they paused to see, for all the knowledge is within every reflection of the One Heart that pulses throughout the Universe. All seeing is seeing within. The light that goes on is not outside you. There is no outside you.

Yes, yes, you can touch that which is seemingly outside you, and you can draw pictures of it, even diagram it, make specifications for it, and yet that is perception. Your perception. Perception comes from within you. Perception does not exist outside you. You perceive hot and cold, yet hot and cold are relative. What you perceive is the relative world which exists only as you see it. If you did not perceive it, where would it be? You are the beholder, and yet your eyes are lidded.

As you grow toward your greater awareness of Our Oneness, the less of your attention that goes to the particulars. Your attention goes more to the Wholeness that exists. And where does Wholeness exist? Why, it exists within you. And yet, even so, there is no with out you. There is one Song, and it is I, and I keep singing it.


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