Paths in Your Heart

Heavenletter #3694
Published on: January 5, 2011

God said:

From love you came, and to love you return. Meanwhile, it is like you are a juggler with love. You toss it up in the air, and you catch it. You practice. Sometimes you fumble. Nevertheless, love needs no practice. You need practice in disassembling attachment from love. Attachment interferes with love. You have to get your hands off love. Love can do very well without your mandates. Mandates interfere with the freedom of love. Attachments are mandates. They are rules and regulations. Love, in order to be love, has to be free. You have to let your love free, and, also, you have to let another’s love for you be free. Love stays of its own accord.

Love isn’t really what you have thought it was. Love goes much further and deeper and wider. Love does better without boundaries. Boundaries stifle. You don’t want to stifle love. Mastery over love is gained simply as you free it. Give love, and let it go. Receive love, and free love to itself. The more you free love, the more love finds you. Keep the door of love unlocked. No keys turned on love.

Love is not a prisoner. Love is not bound. Love is not a measurement. It is not an assessment. Love is what it is. Long wave the flag of love. Love is sufficient unto itself. Personal love is not your personal property. It is not your possession. Love is not a fish that you catch.

Nor is love a patterned cloth. Nor is love a dictum you follow. Nor is love appearance, and nor is love disappearance. The world is rife with love. Love overtakes you, sometimes in surprise, yet love itself is no surprise. Life is made of love and nothing but love. From stem to stern, love shines.

Be in step with love. Surmount your hold on love, and you will be in step with love. Hold love’s hand but not tightly.

Love is universal, and yet each love has its own shade of meaning and unique place in your heart. Love holds certain paths in your heart, and not one love equals another. Each has its own trickle of Oneness. When you say to someone, “You have a place in my heart,” that is true. And no one else can fill that particular space. Love is the same, and yet no two loves are alike.

Love for an individual laid a claim to your heart, and the individual raised a flag. This is his claim. No one else ever quite fits that landed claim. A mother has ten children, and each child has its own claim. One does not fill another’s. Love is love, and yet each individual stream of love has its own holding place. No matter how many places are taken, there are always more places available. You have a heart without end. You have an expandable heart, your heart that is full of love.

Some loves only enter your heart part way. Still, that love is precious. It may be for a teacher that you weren’t even aware of until now that you loved, and you love the teacher uniquely. All the way, you loved that teacher. You didn’t even like the teacher at the time, and now you know you hold that teacher in love.

As time goes on, beloveds, you discover that you have loved everyone including those you didn’t. You loved all the time. It is just lately that the love sinks into your heart. What a cast of characters there has been in your life. Now you bow to each one as they pass before you. The ones you liked and the ones you fought, you loved them all. They are woven into your heart. All along you have loved.

You might as well start now knowing that you love, and you love everyone.


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