The Hunter of Love

Heavenletter #3213
Published on: September 11, 2009

God said:

What is it like to love as I do love? It is tremendous. There is no end to it, nor is there a beginning. Imagine the energy of Creation bursting everywhere all at once all the time. Then you will have a taste of the love that I know. Even your greatest experience of love is but a preamble to love as I love.

There is not even anything for Me to love. I do not have to pick out anything to love. I love.

Just as you do not have to pick out air to breathe, I love. It is not even that I take a deep breath of love. I do not inhale and exhale love. I love. My love encompasses all, all the imagined and all the Real. My love knows no object, beloveds. I can say I love you, and I love you, yet greater is it when I say I simply love. I am an emanation of love, and I know it. You are an emanation of love, and you don’t know it, or you don’t always know it. You see the Wholeness of Love in bits and pieces. You see it under a microscope, beloveds, or a telescope. Love is not even to be seen. It is beyond seeing. Love is known, and yet it is beyond knowing. It is beyond description. It is beyond being limited.

Can love identify itself? Why would it? Why would love seek a description or an outline of itself? Why would love seek anything when it is love bursting and alighting on itself? When love alone is, what would it question, and what would it answer? Who would ask, and who would answer? What answer can there be when love is all and there is no question for love to ask, and no one to ask it anyway?

This is not separateness. This is not loneliness. This is love so overpowering that it alone exists. Nothing else can enter in. There is nothing else to enter in, so how could it?

What do details have to do with love? Where can details be located? Where can love be located when love is all and love is everywhere? Who is there to seek love, and where can it be found when love alone is?

Who can be the hunter of love when there is love and nothing but love?

And yet you have been seeking love all your life on Earth. You have been seeking to find love, and you have been seeking proof of love, proof that it exists, and proof that you, even you, actually are loved once and for all.

Well, dears, what do you think you have been doing in all this scrambling? What has every argument of yours truly been about except for your seeking evidence of love? You who are loved beyond any imagination have not known how loved you are, and therefore you have been knocking on doors for it. You have been pandering to it. You have been finding glimpses, and you have not been finding glimpses. And, yet, even so, you are the most loved mortal that ever was and ever will be.

Of course, you are an Immortal. You are an Immortal who focuses on mortal moments. You who are beyond any dreamed-of limits tether yourself to the limits of mortality and forget your true existence. You even forget love. You forget you are love and loved, and, so, you search for love and proof it of its existence and nonexistence. Yes, you have even pounced on the nonexistence of love. We can even say you have specialized in it.

But, no matter, today you love and begin to know My love and to know the power of love right in your own heart.


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