A New Timeline

A New Timeline Is Calling You To Heal And Feel On The Inside

By Jelelle Awen

Beginning again and again….YOU will emerge from the ashes of your purposefully burned down previously beloved life. The moments of your phoenix self emerging out and UP, those moments of being FREED UP from what was tying and binding and confining YOU.

So many hooks and binds fitted in and slotted in and configured in your 3D self that call you to unplug, over and over, feeling the places that are connected in. Aspects of you sitting around the living room of your conditioned life, watching the television of programmed reality, believing the timeline offered of suppression and smallness and suffering. Aspects of you ‘stuck’ in frozen moments of trauma and pain, living there still, freeze framed beyond time, still feeling the PAIN of this then. Aspects of you co-created with your birth family, them constantly energizing “this is you” and so the hologram like you arising from this projection and matching what they want and need you to be.

ALL these aspects of you needing YOU…..your love, your soul juice, your heart tones to help them leave the living room of programmed and conditioned reality……to help them turn off the old TV (literal and figuratively)…..to unplug from the matrix INSIDE…..to heal the grids INSIDE……..to unfreeze them in the stuck moments, to meet them there, feel them there, and then MOVE them on into the NOW moment…..to turn OFF the hologram you projection created by your birth family through boundaries and taking space so the TRUE you can arise.

These aspects of you and the stuck energy of them that manifests in rage, depression, anxiety, tension, despair, control, suffering, body pains, insomnia, toxic relationships…..can MOVE into the higher frequencies of joy, magic, bliss, trust, creativity, truth telling, sacred unions, and SERVICE OF LOVE frequencies for which YOU REALLY ARE.

This process of unplugging, deconditioning….it ALL is held with SO MUCH love and support by the Divine, by Mother Gaia, by your BEloved guides, by your soul family (who is witnessing on the higher soul level), by your sacred union mate (who is WITH you or is waiting), by your higher self (who is embodying into you more and more), by your star family and star BEing aspects…..they are ROOTING for you and want to support you in this process that can be SO Challenging yet inevitable too if it is what you have signed UP for to experience here.

This support and this love from others, from outside can come INSIDE more and more as you feel and heal your inner landscapes…it is the ONLY way to experience a new reality on the outside. A NEW life, a new timeline is calling you into these higher frequencies of emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, and social health, nourishment, and abundance….can you feel it?


Jelelle Awen



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