A Circle of God Light

Heavenletter #3313
Published on: Decembrie 20, 2009

God said:

The One Truth you can know is love, and yet you only glimpse it. The one thing you can be sure of is My love. The one thing you can know without equivocation is My love for you. That is it. That is the list of what you can know with certainty. This you can depend on. In the wavering world, this, My love, you can count on.

Whatever may be going on in the world, My love is. It is never absent. In the midst of what you see as tragedy, My love is, and My love shines directly on you. My love is solidly on you and never diverts. My love is never absent-minded. My love stays. It never leaves.

It is to Me that you are married, and yet no vow is ever needed. My love for you is stamped on My heart and fills yours. You are love-filled, beloveds.

Nothing can be amiss. My love is firmly established. To say that My love is marked in stone is to say too little. My love is more like a mountain that rises forever. My love is like a circle of gold that cannot be broken. A gold circle of love is Our wedding ring. It can never be removed. Nothing, no one, can remove this ring of Our Oneness.

Our wedding ring is a circle of gold light. The sun shines on it. All the gold in the world is concentrated in this golden light that envelops Us, that holds Us, that lights Us up, that swallows Us, so personal and universal is Our love. It is inescapable. We are held in a thrall of love. In fact, there is nothing else that exists but this, Our immeasurable love.

All the rest is illusion. All the fears are illusion. All the tragedy is illusion. Nothing wrong can happen, beloveds, no matter how bad it may seem, because, in the course of Our love, nothing happens. Nothing at all happens.

We can consider relative life as a golf club that swings and propels the golf ball. Yet underneath the golf game is the turf. Underneath life in the world is a field of love that cannot be moved. It is untouched. No matter how many swings of the golf club, the turf is.

All the activity in the relative world amounts to a mountain of melting snow. The snowmen in the world were nothing but snowmen in the world. Where did they go?

My love is the bull’s eye. Nothing else is. My love is unvaried. It is invariable.

My love sits on your shoulder, as it were. Lock, stock, and barrel, My love has claimed your heart. The flag of My love reigns.

Love zings through life. It boomerangs. There are no arrows of My love. There is no Cupid. There is only My love. It does not pierce your heart. It is your heart. My love is your heart. Your heart is My love. There is nothing else. All else is fantasy.

Our Oneness of love is true. I am true. You are true. We are One, beloved. End of story. There is nothing more to say.

The Ocean of Love is I, and the Ocean of Love is you. The Ocean is everything. Ripples of the Ocean are only ripples of the Ocean.

Love is supreme, yet there is nothing for love to be supreme over, for love alone is.


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  1. A wonderful description of love. A priceless gift that so many over look as they struggle with life. A gift that would immediately eliminate that struggle. Thank you for sharing.

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