Attar of Rose

Heavenletter #212 
Published on: 
Mai 29, 2001

God said:

One of the favors you can do for yourself is to get your attention off yourself, off your individual self. Think of the energy you spend thinking about yourself and the catastrophes that could befall. Lift your thinking higher. You have sequestered your attention. You have hunched your shoulders. Unhunch them now.

Attention on yourself is attention on the ground. Downcast eyes can’t see very far. Downcast eyes do not see breadth nor depth. Cast your eyes higher, and horizons arise.

When you look so closely at yourself, you see blemishes. You magnify — not yourself — but your blemishes. Your self does not need to be magnified. Your self has to be seen beyond its imagined borders. Raise yourself higher. Rise.

When you look down at yourself or across at yourself closely in a mirror, you get lost in yourself. You see pores and lines. You see the tininess. Better to see the vastness. The vastness wants to be seen. And you have had enough of the smallness. You have looked there. You have looked there enough. Now look elsewhere. Move your attention to where there are no limits.

Whatever it is that you see, look beyond. Even beyond mountains lies something else. Even beyond the sky lies something more. Surely beyond your frame lies more. You exist beyond your frame.

You are infinity. You are not finiteness. You are infinity. You extend beyond the mirror. You are not a fragment. You are a whole. You are infinity. You are without end, and thus you are also without beginning. You always were, and you always were with Me and are with Me. You are not a point any more than I am. I cannot be pointed at, yet I can be seen. Ironically, you can be pointed at, and that very thing keeps you from seeing and being seen.

You are not your physicality. Your physicality is a little box you have been put in, or a box that you carry, no matter. Inside, outside, no matter. Although you may be contained within the box, the box does not contain you. You go further and beyond the box that demarcates you. You are like taffy pulled from beyond the universe. And you pull the universe with you. And what part of you is the universe, and what part of the universe are you?

There are no parts. You cannot be sectioned. In truth, you cannot be sectioned although in the imagination of the world you have been, time and time again. The world pulls you apart. I put you together, which is the same as to say, I make you look at Truth which informs you that it is wholeness you are and always have been. You have never been shredded. You have only thought you were in pieces. You are My wholeness. You are no less My wholeness because you have taken a physical form and planted that form somewhere.

A rose is a rose is a rose. Wherever it is planted, it is a rose. And whether it is a pink rose, or red, or yellow, or cream, or white, it is rose. A plucked rose is a rose. And when the petals fall, a rose is still a rose. Rose essence. Attar of a rose.

What essence are you? Whose essence are you?

I rest My case. You are Mine. You are Mine still. You are Mine forevermore, as you are in the timelessness of infinity, in My claspless clasp, flying free with Me to greater fields.


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