You Are the Truth

Heavenletter #4593
Published on: Iunie 22, 2013

God said:

You do not always speak the Truth. You do not always speak the Truth to yourself. Half the time you may not even really pay attention to what you are saying. What you say seems to spout from your mouth of its own accord, as if you are a recorder recording whatever it happens to record. The recording could be called palaver.

You speak because you speak. It sometimes seems that you have a daily or weekly or monthly allotment of speech. You are on, and you fill the vapor with whatever pops up from somewhere. You don’t know where it comes from. Are you on automatic? You may find out what you say after you have said it. There is no before or after or thought given to it. You spoke. Thus spake your mouth.

There is good in being spontaneous. Be spontaneously in your Truth. At the same time, there is no need to speak for the sake of speaking. Your speech does not have to be a filler simply said in order to take up space.

There goes the parallel between time and space again, both of which seem to be truth yet are fiction, mutually-observed fiction that everyone may say about: “Yes, yes, time and space.”

Time and space do not exist. They are perpetuated upon everyone and adhered to and accepted by everyone, mutually agreed to.

Nevertheless, Earthtime is nothing more than the tap of a pencil on the desk, and space is no more than marks a pencil makes, no more lasting than the tap of a pencil on the desk or anything else. What is lasting is consciousness by whatever name it goes by.

What lasts, beloveds? That which lasts, in effect, is suspended but not in time or space. What does not last, in effect, hangs out on a seeming clothesline for the sun to dry. And, yet I, I am the Sun, and I last at the same time as nothing is demarked in Infinity and Eternity. Am I demarked? I AM before existence got stretched out on a clothesline of the world. Yet it could be said I roam through two worlds or more. I am everywhere in space and time which do not exist, and yet I AM.

How did We get on this subject anyway? And what subject are We on? Oh, yes, Truth in all its strata. The Truth is nothing but the Truth. Therefore, I am the Truth. I am the One Truth Unparalleled. There is no equal to Truth. There are vines and leaves and varied blossoms that make up truth in the world. Even so, fact and Truth get mixed up. There is One Truth and many subheadings and distractions from Truth nevertheless held as truth.

What say you to what I say? Perhaps you speak gibberish. Perhaps you speak a filler, like cotton or those Styrofoam peanuts. Look how Styrofoam in the world gets capitalized, and Truth has to be manually capitalized and stand up for itself. A commodity takes precedence. I ask for Truth to take precedence over factions of truth.

There is only One Truth, and it is I. I am also the Truth of you, the real Truth, the one and only Truth, the Truth about what is there to say. The Truth I speak of has no parallel. It is indefinable. It speaks for itself. It is not a prescription to be filled. It is Truth by God. It is Truth staring you in the face. It is Truth that stands inherent in its own Being. Truth stands alone, and nothing else does. Pure unadulterated Truth. It beats in every heart. It beats in yours.


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