Honoring Divine Mother Energies

Mid-Month Quantum Energy/Stargate/Crystalline Grid Report: Holy Canoli! Honoring Divine Mother Energies

♦ Just a Little of What’s Always Going On “Behind the Scenes”

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

Working intentionally, simultaneously, consciously in every dimension, especially this year, takes so much of our energy to just maintain. As the old collapses to converge on a higher Dimensional Timeline (LIGHTer Density) physical plane of existence, it takes more of our focused energy to hold all in place. You’d think it would be the other way round and it is, once everything shifts. Up until it does, then it’s each one of us holding the foundations and NEW REALities in place with our whole BEing and the intentional efforts and contributions we put into everything. Just BEing is enough and THEN we “do” whatever we see is appropriate for where we are currently at in our own process here. Much of the time, we have to let a lot go….

Working as an Intentional Gatekeeper and Gridkeeper has become “more demanding” as we go. Our intentional re-working of all in accordance with highest everything for Embodiment, deep anchoring and and embedding these new geometric codes into Gaia’s and our own Physical Templates, simultaneously has become even more of a full-time job for intentional frequency holders, light keepers and higher timeline anchors here. The immense dissolving of heavy density (unconscious programs) with these increasing PLASMA frequencies is progressively increasing substantially every day as we continue merging Heaven & Earth dimensional timelines into ONE.

Additionally, today, we further acknowledge all of Our Divine Mother Energies and Gaia as our Divine Mother too. Those who fulfilled these roles in the physical in every capacity receives a bow of honor for the LOVE shared to awaken the soul through nurturing, guidance and respect and sometimes great Strength to accomplish the tasks that we all agree to here. Each of us hold these aspects and through the PURITY of our Divine Mother Energies we each step into those roles that light the path for all ready to birth and grow mature into their own highest everything here with us too! So, I honor this energy in all today (and all day every day) as well! Gratitude and appreciation for your service to all of HUmanity here through BEing that LOVE.

I’ve written an update to outline this last week and the POWER DELIVERED for our Sacred personal, galactic and Earthly Gridwork/StarGate Systems right now. As we prepare to come back online stronger, more powerful, more exquisitely and higher than before to experience more magic, more bliss, more purity, more love, more abundance of everything Soul-aligned …. be patient, honor your process and continue to simplify everything for greater ease with integrating all.

Here’s to LIGHT‘er, magical, easier, simpler, mystical everything!

Your energy is precious and so are you!

Always, love, honor and respect you!

Embrace the Mystical & Magical! It’s our NEW!

Aloha Nui Loa from magical LeMUria,Source Energies, Kauai



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