The Sun and the Stars

Heavenletter #520 
Published on: 
Martie 25, 2002

God said:

Do you notice how stars seem to blink? Stars shine ever the same, but their light seems to blink. You do not think less of the stars for their blinking.

The sun does not blink. Its light streams forth in many rays.

And still you know that all stars are suns.

And even when you don’t see the earth’s sun during your night, you yet know it is there. It hasn’t gone anywhere. It still takes its rightful place in the Heavens above.

I compare you to the blinking stars and the bright sun. You are no different. Sometimes you shine, and sometimes your shine is covered by something else. And sometimes you are a blinking star that seems to go on and off.

But your light is never reduced. It is never less. Even when you are a sun covered up by shadow, your light is still shining.

It is well for you to know your own light. When you know the light that you truly are, well, perhaps then, you can decide to shine it more often or more boldly.

Although everyone is responsible for his own vision, sometimes you are responsible for another’s perception of you. Which side of your face have you been showing? Perhaps you have kept the pulsating light of you hidden, hidden so well that you have not seen it. If that is the case, shine it anyway.

Your light does not have to be intermittent. It does not have to be safeguarded or hoarded. No drop of love or ray of light is wasted. And there is no end to your light and love. They are self-replenishing. The more they are used, the more there is. You can only come out ahead.

Splash love generously. You do not have to go anywhere for it. You can never run out. Consider love the air you breathe, and exude it.

You are interactive with everything on earth.

You are an interactive being.

When you are still, you still interact.

That is what never alone means.

Everything in the world responds to you.

You found the world.

You are its founder.

It did not find you.

You found it.

You came upon it.

You are an engager.

Your light is intact.

Reveal it.

True, you are a visitor to earth. And yet you found it to roam in, so it is yours. It is irrevocably yours, even though you found it for only a little while. It is still the place where you place your flag. Leave a little trail of light behind you.

You are a visitor to earth because you are a permanent resident of Heaven. Heaven is your true Home. You already know that. And there is nothing like the land or sky you come from. Heaven is from where you have come and to where you return. You have always kept your citizenship. Your feet are on earth. Your heart is in Heaven. And you can restore Heaven to earth with your light alone.

The light you have to give comes from your heart. Light comes from where Heaven is because I gave it to you. I gave it to you from Heaven where I always am. On earth I am still in Heaven, and so are you. Your claim on Heaven is in your heart. Light is light, but your light is like no other, and that is why you must shine it.

And when all shine theirs, the world shall be lit. Sun and stars will be on earth because you revealed them there.