YOU’re the Synthesis Maker

May 2017 New Moon in Gemini ~ The Synthesis of You

By Sophie Gregoire

You have been through a lot in the past years. From leaps to successes, from dreams and wings to failures and pitfalls — you’ve traveled a long way, a show jumping so it seems.

There has been the farewell pieces of your Path, the moving away times. The “this is not for me, this is not my truth, this is not aligned” and the rebellious fire in You, bold, strong, committed and orange — that soldier part of you which carried you Up and Away.

You were craving for more. Yes, there was more to life.

Then, there were those things that you tried in order to bring change in your life, the first experiences and encounters of a new kind.
The first achievements of the revolutionnary You. The people you met and who became teachers, new parts of your patchwork or signposts.
Then there were the falls, the pitfalls, the dark nights when you saw that no, even this rebel new thing wasn’t it all — you weren’t arrived yet, even as a rebel you needed to be willing to dive deeper, to explore more, to try more, to find more.

So you kept on walking, trying, integrating parts, searching.

You were looking for yourself, and this was never meant to happen over night.


If we could sum it up, we would say that there was the “I quit” part of the path, followed by the “I explore, I become my true self, I ascend and let go off all the masks, the fakeries, the pretended identities” and then there was the “I need to anchor myself in the world still, I want to belong, to find place, abundance and tribe”.

You went Out, then Up by shedding all the unaligned layers and then you started to try and land Yourself Down a little – you wanted to ground, to land the knowledge and the discoveries, to become It in the world too, to make all that you’ve become real in the physical.


This New Moon is bringing yourself Clarity.

All that you’ve been through is starting to make sense, the phases, the steps, all were lessons — the truth is, as you saw, nothing yet was IT, the Destination, Your Arrival.

No, your arrival couldn’t be before because you needed to go through all the lessons in order to see and evolve enough.

This is a good time to try and gather all the wisdom you’ve acquired from different kind of people and experiences in order to reflect on what you truly want to build and achieve, and which path you see for yourself on the long term.

You are the synthesis maker, you’ll remember the lessons and draw from there a brand new and light understanding of what truly brings you joy and what doesn’t.

It’s a beautiful, magical time as Clarity is easily available if you’re willing to take a step back and reflect on those past years.

When a clear picture of what you desire for your life will be available, based on that new-found wisdom and a true, real honesty about what worked and what didn’t work — you’ll be able to move forward, one step at a time and by integrating all of your pieces.

By gathering all the wisdom you’ve built, alone, in life, walking and brave, fighting and soldier, tall, sometimes heartbroken, destroyed, but always, every step of the way you did learn and come back,
From gathering all those scattered pictures and understandings, they seem almost unreconciliable but all are You, your unique path, the brand of You, your essence — you’re about to define new ways.

You don’t have to drop who you were a few months ago to keep only the brand-new epiphanies. You don’t need to stay in the past only either, if that new edge where you stand now feels scary or uncomfortable.

You’re the Synthesis Maker of the Lessons of your Path.

Integration, Wholeness.

Most likely, those New Ways will neither be simply the Old of you, nor the most recent understandings of the past weeks — instead they will be the all of You united, the pieces gathered, the Puzzle made Whole.

What a ride!
I love you.

Sophie Gregoire
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