The State of Your Heart

“In time, your anger diminishes because your perspective changes. What has changed but your perspective? Well then, change your perspective now. Change your perspective ahead of time. Be a wise owl who sees from a height.”

The State of Your Heart


Love & Light for everyone,


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10 thoughts on “The State of Your Heart

  1. Dear Manuela

    Thanks for sharing for these wise words 🙂

    At the moment I have quite much stress and have to do many things during the day – so I am going to take care of your “Award” forwarded to me during the weekend. Hope you understand it.

    Wishing you all the best

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      1. Thanks, dear Manuela,

        I helped a family member with his moving – it took the whole day but continues on Friday again – on Saturday or Sunday I will surely find time to answer your questions 🙂

        All the best to you

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