Time for Powerful Transitions

Energy Update ~ Time for Powerful Transitions

By Sophie Gregoire

The energy feels very unsettling, twirling to me these days.

I feel caught up in a whirlwind — with many things, potential activities, projects, connections moving fast around me, some trying to leave and some trying to come in and all the movement feels confusing.

There is apart of me who can’t fully remember who she is and finds it hard to figure out in a “certain, sure and final way” what of these things she is or on the opposite isn’t anymore. Of course the more I walk and shed layers the more I know I’m getting closer to the core, the gem — but still there are questions about which layers are outgrown now… and which aren’t, or aren’t yet. 

We are at a time of Bifurcation, Powerful Crossroads, and a new part of the Self is about to be Born.


Overall this feels like a time of new understandings, experiences and tests. It feels to me like “let’s try this, let’s explore that, let’s have fun with this new part of myself which I had never thought of”. 

There is truly a sensation of “It’s time to get LOST again”. Lost within with new things, and lost on the outside world as the sense of Self evolves and therefore brings new souls in. Lost in the world too, because exploring oneself always happens through finding new mirrors and experiencing new sacred bonds. Lost, because this is always how we FIND out.

It certainly feels like the abilities that have been developed over 2016 and as 2017 was starting represent a very interesting FIRST SHOT of something that is trying, seeking, forcing to become Bigger. As if I had been through a rehearsal, a bubble time of intense self love, self acceptance, nourishment, self exploration and unveiling of big truths and gifts — before Life in all its vastness, wideness and playground of infinite places, possibilites and souls knock again on my door and says

“Hey You, Hello Again. You’ve changed and this is beautiful. Shall we play again?”.

It sounds like a real Bifurcation time. I can stay where I’m at right now, comfortable, safe and sound OR I can lose my landmarks again, my goals even, those seemingly set in stone desires or expectations about Who I’m supposed to be or Who I’m supposed to be With. 

2016 was a big completion year of my path. Most importantly made of breakups, travels , misunderstandings, fallings, tears, deep healing and wanderings. 2016 was the Completion of My Way Out Of of the 3D Self, of the Persona in a Jungian way that I had built over time. That year will always be Remembered as the first year with no safety net at all – relationship, jobs, places, people – I decided to leave it ALL, and all just burnt, fireworks of magical deaths and empty sparkles before I ended up absolutely Emptied out last September. The Void, there is no way else at all to say. 

I feel that 2016 – before its Fall – aimed in my own personal adventure at Completing what had to be Completed and fully left Behind, this to give birth to the new Sophie. 

The Fall of 2016 as well as the first three months of 2017 were less intense. They felt like beautiful, soft, surrendered rituals of saying fully Goodbye and recovering, gently, comfortably while developing the Soul Gifts which allowed the recovery at the same time. The unveiling of those gifts and magic allowed the recovery to happen. At the same time, I feel the pain linked to all the Farewell had a purpose — seeing me develop those gifts and find a rebirth, a new self through them.

It felt like recovery and the slow building of a new, spiritual self — who, at last, dared to be seen That Way in the World no matter what could be thought from the souls still living in the boxes.

Since April arrived, there is enough of the healing linked to the departures, the So Long from the Old that has been done, processed and which now feels complete…. which recently triggered the desire to Anchor solidly in the ground and Build overtime the New Life which is meant to fully replace the old.


Again, as many times already on the sacred path — there is deep calling within me saying that it’s time to grow again. 

Again, it feels like some people that were key pieces a few months ago won’t be anymore, not because of them but because of me, my the way life has to take me always higher, always closer to myself. 

Again, as many times already on the journey — I feel I’m caught by a new wind and I wonder where we may go, the wind and myself. 

I wonder if I’m right to seek, to crave for more OR if I should rest, relax, wait and feel grateful for all that has happened and was already achieved?

I feel that as always, time will give names to this new Wind and show us what’s the next step. 


I feel a growing uneasiness within, not really fear more this kind of discomfort I remember feeling many times… So I know what it is and what it says… but it’s uncomfortable especially when it starts again because we are humans, and we always think that we’ve arrived.

The new calling says “move again, look for more, it’s ok to have all those desires and to crave for love, freedom, the aligned life in all its pieces and parts”. It says “it’s ok, Sophie, to feel not fully satisfied again and to feel that you’re reaching a new crossroad, a new point of bifurcation. Remember that all those times always came before MAJOR changes which always, just always, propelled you to higher, more fulfiling places and that you wouldn’t know Yourself as you do now if you hadn’t embraced the discomfort, for all these years”. 

“It’s ok, Sophie, if you desire More Life Again. It’s Ok. This is just how you are, and you’ll be that way until you’ve found enough”.

I feel like I know things are going to move. I know it, but I don’t want to force it, to rush it or to ask the Universe more clues about Where we are actually going. I want to embrace the flow, move in trust but slowly, to see, one day, as always, as many many times before… where we’ll finally arrive.

This feels like a Collective shift too, a moment when Healers need to be healed and find for themselves the right environment and people to bring their abilities to both a higher and more grounded, safe, comfortable, happy level. 

I’d suggest everyone who feels like me to take our time without trying to rush the answers even if the discomfort is there. It’s ok to withdraw and go back within when our surroundings are trying to make us go here or there. It’s ok to try and find as much as possible the inner connection to make sure that we’re hearing the “right” voice.  It’s Ok to be scared, or sad even — when knowing and feeling that there is so much more, once again, to be revealed. 

I’d suggest too to try and ground as much as possible, as the unsettling and twirling energies are just enough… No more Fire and Air needed to be be felt

Also, to remember that these kind of shifts already happened to us many times and, well… we always made it, right? ❤

Yes, we always made it. I do remember. We remember. 

Let’s be caught be the winds of change, ride the cosmic wave of newness and see where we land.

Blessings <3,

Sophie Gregoire

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