Focusing On Self Love As The Solution

Focusing On Self Love As The Solution


By Jelelle Awen
November 22, 2017


Love……focusing on the solution. Fixating on the outward manifestations of love’s lack or blocking brings in more suffering loops and repeating fear-based patterns. It takes you out of self responsibility into a place where you react from disempowered fear rather than responding from self empowered love. Continue reading “Focusing On Self Love As The Solution”


The Gift of Humility, The Way of Wisdom

The Gift of Humility, The Way of Wisdom

Sagittarius2017.jpgBill Attride

You have felt your way for 30 days…

There were no words, no touchstones or anchors that could bridge your understanding; there was no adequate chalice to hold your experience of the “ecstasy and agony” that is Scorpio. Continue reading “The Gift of Humility, The Way of Wisdom”

Current Energies

Current Energies: Take it Easy – Getting used to the NEW

by Vera 
Nov 21, 2017

Now… hasn’t that been an intense week around the new moon past Saturday? Many of us were taken by surprise how deep it can go and how uncomfortable it can get, feeling the energetic imbalance within to our deepest core. A fiery energy has been provided for a major energetic cleansing. To prepare us for the year end bootcamp finals supporting us in coming to mastery in fully embodying the new 5th dimensional high frequency environment on a permanent level. So what is going on?  Continue reading “Current Energies”

4 Warning Signs from Your Intuition

4 Warning Signs from Your Intuition

by Tanaaz

If you are open and if you are listening, your intuition is always sending  signs and clues so you can move forward in the right direction.

The right direction is really the direction that is aligned with your soul. It is not a question of good or bad, it is just whatever direction your soul needs to go in. Continue reading “4 Warning Signs from Your Intuition”

Be the Warrior of Love

Be the Warrior of Love

Kara Schallock

If you truly desire to evolve, you must take Responsibility for all in your life; for all in your life are your own creations. Everything in your life you have created through your energy and thoughts ( thoughts are energy, as is all of you). You then project all that you are out into the world, which is then reflected back to you. This is a gift for then you can make aware choices that are based in who you really are…if that is your choice. Of course, if you want to stay in the same dynamic, you make no changes. However, not making changes can keep you in pain, whether that is emotional, mental or physical. Continue reading “Be the Warrior of Love”

Intuition Vs. Fear

Intuition Vs. Fear- How Do You Know?

by Tanaaz

When learning to develop your intuition one of the most common hurdles is distinguishing your voice of intuition and your voice of fear.

We all have an intuition, but often our intuition is not nurtured. What is nurtured however are our fears, so often this voice speaks to us the loudest unless we are consciously aware. Continue reading “Intuition Vs. Fear”

Spring Loaded Essence

Spring Loaded Essence

Raphael Awen


Essence is spring loaded within us.

It doesn’t actually need to be fought for, protected or defended.

Parts of us see it quite convincingly otherwise as something to fight for, and understandably so; for those parts of us and their reality, their experience, their truth, it’s a world of fighting along with winners and losers. Continue reading “Spring Loaded Essence”

Splendor In The Sky

Venus Conjunct Jupiter on November 13th 2017 – Splendor In The Sky

Astro Butterfly
November 12, 2017

Venus and Jupiter have a spectacular encounter in the morning sky on Monday, November 13th2017, at 7° Scorpio.

Venus conjunct Jupiter is not just a regular conjunction… it is a superconjunction. Why is that? Because Venus and Jupiter don’t only cross their elliptic path, but are also become parallel. This means they are on the same latitude and longitude. They are basically one next to the other. Continue reading “Splendor In The Sky”

To My Daughter, When You Love 

To My Daughter, When You Love 

Maria Palumbo
November 10, 2017

Do not listen too closely to anyone about your body, or your love, or what it is for. Not even me.

For when we talk about your desire for someone and you see me clutch my heart in a moment’s terror, it is not because I do not want you to love, it is because I want you to have the best there is. Continue reading “To My Daughter, When You Love “