How to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

How to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

by Tanaaz


Image Artwork by Tara Rieke-Elledge

Within each and every one of us is the power to heal.

When we cut ourselves, our body repairs the wound. When we cry, our hearts and minds begin to calm and comfort us. We all have this innate healing ability inside of us, we just have to remember that it is there. Continue reading “How to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands”


Conscious Inner work

Conscious Inner work

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

The alteration that our bodies are experiencing, during their transformation into crystalline beings, even if barely perceptible to the human eye, is highly significant. During the Eclipse season our bodies are going to be constantly releasing, whilst they also integrate, at an accelerate rate, these new cosmic waves. Continue reading “Conscious Inner work”

Close Your Eyes

Solar Eclipse In Cancer – Close Your Eyes

Astro Butterfly
July 9, 2018

The Eclipse Of Darkness

On 12 July 2018 we have a powerful New Moon and Solar Eclipse in Cancer. The New Moon takes place at 20° Cancer and is a partial Solar Eclipse, visible from Southern Australia, including Melbourne and Adelaide. Continue reading “Close Your Eyes”

Această lună va fi foarte Intensă

Această lună va fi foarte Intensă

Natalia Alba
1 Iulie 2018

Preaiubiți Gardieni ai Pământului,

În prezent, datorită ascensiunii Pământului, există multe schimbări apărute în starturile Pământului, care ne afectează pe toți, nu doar pe Gaia, deoarece, după cum știți, chiar dacă Planeta noastră este un organism viu pe cont propriu, suntem cu toții conectați cu ea , funcționând ca Unu. Așa cum preaiubita noastra Gaia continuă să întrupeze esența cristalină, așa cum o facem și noi, este vital ca aceia a căror misiune este conectată la rețeaua Pământului să servească drept canale pentru reconectarea Pământului cu structura sa cristalină originală.
Continue reading “Această lună va fi foarte Intensă”

This Month is going to be very intense

This Month is going to be very intense

Natalia Alba
July 1st, 2018

Beloved Earth Guardians,

At present, due to Earth’s ascension, there are many changes occurring within Earth’s fabrics that are affecting us all, not just Gaia, for as you know, even though our Planet is a living organism on its own, we all are deeply connected to it, functioning as One. As our Beloved Gaia continues embodying its crystalline essence, a well as we do it too, it is vital that the ones whose mission is connected to the Earth’s grids serve as conduits for the reconnection of the Earth with its crystalline original structure. Continue reading “This Month is going to be very intense”