God Is An Inside Job

God Is An Inside Job

Ann Litts
September 15, 2018


Do Not Fear Being Alone In Whatever Makes You Unique

Do Not Fear Being Alone In Whatever Makes You Unique

Whatever makes you unique — even a limitation — reflects your magical self.

Story Waters

Photo: grandfailure

Today’s article is about loving yourself through seeing how the qualities that make you unique are your greatest power, even if those qualities are something you have struggled with because of how they separate you from the world. Enjoy!
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September Ascension Energies

September Ascension Energies – Polarity Perspective

September Ascension Energies by Jamye Price


August was a culmination of 3 months (June/July/August) of focus amplifying our connection (family). Ascension is a natural evolution into more conscious connection with the subtle, invisible energetic that has always been working with us (ie our thoughts/emotions), but now we are using/mastering that connection more consciously. Continue reading “September Ascension Energies”