You are at a New Energetic level

Building an Integrated Continuum Between The Spiritual and The Physical

By Sophie Gregoire

You’re ready to build an Integrated continuum between the Spiritual and the Physical – the outside world is reflecting this back to you with new, long-term Mirrors.

People come and go on the spiritual path. Often times they eventually go especially at the very first steps of one’s journey, when it isn’t time to settle yet —  but what matters is those teach you things that nobody else could. Continue reading “You are at a New Energetic level”

Love Has Its Debut

“You have been thirsty for love, and, all the while, there is a spring of love within you. This spring comes from a mountain of love. This spring may trickle now, but, wait, but wait until you no longer inhibit it. The day you open that spring without restriction is the day you know love, not from outside you but from inside you.”

Love Has Its Debut Continue reading “Love Has Its Debut”

Flowing In And Flowing Out AS Love

Flowing In And Flowing Out AS Love

By Jelelle Awen

Expanding out, wider and wider, to let others into the chambers of your heart. To let them in the places that you are clearing of the emotional cobwebs, the dust that has gathered, the shadows that have lingered. You are clearing out these heart places with your curiosity to explore INside. Your loving wonder about what is around the next corner of your deepest inner places. Continue reading “Flowing In And Flowing Out AS Love”

Life (q)

“The Earth provides you with a place to stay, to stand on, to rest in. It is your playhouse, and you play there, and it is your schoolhouse, and you learn there. There is hardly a moment when you are not teaching or learning. And you are your main teacher, and you are your main student. You are everything all at once. You are parent, and you are child. You are the discoverer, and you are what you discover. You are, as it were, the ball you bounce, and yet you are the one who bounces it.

Continue reading “Life (q)”

YOU’re the Synthesis Maker

May 2017 New Moon in Gemini ~ The Synthesis of You

By Sophie Gregoire

You have been through a lot in the past years. From leaps to successes, from dreams and wings to failures and pitfalls — you’ve traveled a long way, a show jumping so it seems.

There has been the farewell pieces of your Path, the moving away times. The “this is not for me, this is not my truth, this is not aligned” and the rebellious fire in You, bold, strong, committed and orange — that soldier part of you which carried you Up and Away. Continue reading “YOU’re the Synthesis Maker”

Expression of Love

Energies Inviting Healing Of Healers, Service of Love And Relationship Shiftings

By Jelelle Awen

Increasing frequencies of love and light continue right now and have been strong over the last few days especially. They feel almost like a pounding into Gaia and into each of us, to whatever degree we can let them in. A pounding in a good way, like a thundering heart beat to pump more love blood to the souls that need it. The time lapse from desire to thought to manifestation is REALLY speeding up….especially if what you are desiring is based on your soul purpose to serve love here and connected to a genuine desire to heal. And, especially if this desire is coming from your higher self, sacred human self, embodying more and more your healing heart AND your healing soul. Continue reading “Expression of Love”

Love’s Call

Following Love’s Call

By Jelelle Awen

To follow love’s call is to go into unknown places that need the sound, need the frequency, need the HEALING that only love can offer. This ground is unknown for a phase….this LOVED in ground… it becomes more familiar, it becomes your NEW life and rumbles through the ‘old’ and what you had become settled into, what you had previously shrunk to or managed or controlled. There can be ash in the air feelings during this transition into love and into the soul and into the heart life. You are holding funerals for versions of your old self as it drops away and the old life burns down. Continue reading “Love’s Call”

When Love Takes Over

Heavenletter #2233 
Published on: January 5, 2007

God said:

How big can a heart of love grow? There is no limit. There is no limit on love. Let your heart be a ripe peach, bursting with juice. Or a pomello. Or a luscious watermelon! Let your heart be a giant fruit of love. Feel your heart filling up with love right now. As your heart fills with love, you are rising. Like a balloon, you rise to Heaven. The love in your heart brings you here. Continue reading “When Love Takes Over”