Trying vs Allowing

Trying vs. Allowing – THE Way to go with the Flow

by Vera Ingeborg
Jul 24, 2017

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My oh my… these times lately are really something. It is hard to even express in words what happens because things move so fast and shift so quickly. The concept of linear time dissolves more and more and we are moving into a living from moment to moment. Continue reading “Trying vs Allowing”

July New Moon

Intuitive Astrology: July New Moon 2017

by Tanaaz

The July 23rd New Moon falls in the fiery sign of Leo and will be a mixed bag of tricks. Approach everything over the next few weeks with curiosity instead of judgement, and you will be able to ride the lunar waves all the way through to Eclipse season. Continue reading “July New Moon”

We Can Now “Afford” To Be Wrong

We Get To Be Wrong


By Raphael Awen
July 18, 2017

The challenge we face when considering the popular idea that ‘we create our own reality’ is feeling, if this idea is true, how undesirable aspects of our present reality are our own creation, which in turn makes us wrong. Continue reading “We Can Now “Afford” To Be Wrong”

Quicker Pace Of Change

HIGH Energies Bringing Quicker Pace Of Change Out Of The Old And Into The New


By Jelelle Awen
July 17, 2017

These HIGH energies are moving us through so many places in such a quicker pace than we have ever known or felt before. Timelines and REALities are collapsing AS the new is coming into manifestation. This overlapping is happening more and more with what is collapsing not even consciously known sometimes before it starts to shift and change. Continue reading “Quicker Pace Of Change”