The true purpose of Twin Flame Connections

The true purpose of Twin Flame Connection

Dr. Lisa Vallejos


Imagine meeting your perfect half…the person in whose eyes you find home, who is a perfect reflection to you, whose strengths are your weaknesses and who is your counterpart. Continue reading “The true purpose of Twin Flame Connections”


How to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

How to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands

by Tanaaz


Image Artwork by Tara Rieke-Elledge

Within each and every one of us is the power to heal.

When we cut ourselves, our body repairs the wound. When we cry, our hearts and minds begin to calm and comfort us. We all have this innate healing ability inside of us, we just have to remember that it is there. Continue reading “How to Recharge Your Spiritual Energy Using Your Hands”

Drop the Burden of breakaway Guilt

Contemplate how Nature Works, and drop the Burden of breakaway Guilt

Imi Lo
July 12, 2018


When we decide to break away from our family or cultural heritage, perhaps by disobeying our parents’ prescribed plan, walking away from family members who guilt-trip and manipulate or going against society’s dogma, we are often — explicitly or implicitly — led to believe that we are doing something that is unjustified, disrespectful, or even immoral. Continue reading “Drop the Burden of breakaway Guilt”

Această lună va fi foarte Intensă

Această lună va fi foarte Intensă

Natalia Alba
1 Iulie 2018

Preaiubiți Gardieni ai Pământului,

În prezent, datorită ascensiunii Pământului, există multe schimbări apărute în starturile Pământului, care ne afectează pe toți, nu doar pe Gaia, deoarece, după cum știți, chiar dacă Planeta noastră este un organism viu pe cont propriu, suntem cu toții conectați cu ea , funcționând ca Unu. Așa cum preaiubita noastra Gaia continuă să întrupeze esența cristalină, așa cum o facem și noi, este vital ca aceia a căror misiune este conectată la rețeaua Pământului să servească drept canale pentru reconectarea Pământului cu structura sa cristalină originală.
Continue reading “Această lună va fi foarte Intensă”

Quote #2, “Together We Can Help”

Together … only

You have been a child, too.
Maybe you have children, too. 

They are not responsible for what our leaders do.

They have been children, too.
Maybe they have children, too.

But leaders’ ego is their power!

We all can rise our heart & voice!


As Igor says:

“Speak from your soul …”

via Quote #2, “Together We Can Help”

With Love, Manuela


Live YOUR life’s opportunities

“Everything around you is your life and your opportunity”
― Sunday Adelaja

What is more beautiful than your life? Many will say that somebody else’s life is, for they have, are, do … what they like. Who stops you from doing what you want? More than anything your mind does, for it is being afraid of taking the opportunities your life opens for you. You never know where a way leads you to if you will not follow it. You never know what is behind a door if you will not open it.  Continue reading “Live YOUR life’s opportunities”

July Ascension Energies

July Ascension Energies – Universal Family

Jun 29, 2018 


June’s energy of embodying the physical support is setting the stage for great transformation. As we released past trauma (much of it experienced through physical symptoms, especially throat and eyes for many) and opened to more connection—through a focus on layers of family; we began a powerful catalyst of change that the third quarter is ushering in. Continue reading “July Ascension Energies”