The Matrix and the Illusion of Duality

The Virus of Consciousness
(Part I)

Eric Raines and Vera Ingeborg
Apr 11, 2017

Nausea, extreme exhaustion, an intense longing to just sleep, endless thought spirals and recurring emotional breakouts – this is the current experience and reality not only for people just waking up, but also for people that have been on this path for a longer time and had already raised their frequency to a 5th dimensional level. They had already been enjoying the ease and flow of this plane – being completely in the Now, their true authentic self and completely free. All of a sudden it feels like being back to square one. How can that be after all the work done? How can I fall back so much? There is a reason for it and the experience can be turned around quickly again. We have to start by becoming aware of how the Matrix works and how we are manipulated energetically in case we do not have this discernment, yet. And please! This is nothing to be upset or scared of – the more you treat the situation and yourself with love, the easier you navigate through. Continue reading “The Matrix and the Illusion of Duality”


Polarity Integration & the End of a Karmic Cycle

Saturn Retrograde, April 6. 2017 – Polarity Integration & the End of a Karmic Cycle

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

In our evolutionary soul journey through this endless Spiral within Creation, we find ourselves, at the moment, finally heading towards the Light – entering into the Higher Realms of illumination – for we are finally leaving behind an Old Era of slavery and unlove to welcome a Higher one based on harmlessness to All, clearing our karmic patterns/implants as well as our deep sense of polarity, remembering that all that exists and has ever existed, was originated within this Infinite Fountain of love. Continue reading “Polarity Integration & the End of a Karmic Cycle”

REALity … it’s your CREATION

3D/4D/5D/6D/7D + Is an Experience in Response to Your Consciousness

Lisa Transcendence Brown

“That” is not a 3D world… that is a 3D Consciousness/Experience in a physical reality world…..

3D/4D/5D/6D/7D and above…. you are EXPERIENCING a physical reality BASED UPON YOUR CONSCIOUSNESS…..

The D represents the dimension of your consciousness and the 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 + represents the vibrational frequency (transmission/resonance/feedback), which is the MATERIALIZATION of your vibrational consciousness…. Continue reading “REALity … it’s your CREATION”

Noul Început

Fiți Dispuși de a Primi Noul Început pentru care continuați să Lucrați 

de Sophie Gregoire

Acum puteți simți. Schimbarea, creșterea, transformarea. Știți că ceva a fost vindecat prin decret divin. Undeva, ați fost eliberați. Există un fel al vostru care a murit și, cel mai important, s-a născut unul nou. Sunteți ca un copil nou născut. Dar de fapt este ceea ce ați fost întotdeauna.

Ce s-a schimbat? Nimic, doar că acum vedeți cu adevărat ceea ce sunteți. Totul.

Nu vreți să renunțați la nimic din ceea ce găsiți. Da, vindecați mai mult, lucrați pentru mai multă lumină, da – dar să mai abandonați sau să neglijați părți din voi, niciodată, din nou. Undeva, v-ați găsit. Continue reading “Noul Început”

You as an Important Part of the Whole

♦ WE Consciousness ♦ Elevating & Expanding Consciousness Together 

Lisa Transcendence Brown

Your Contribution to HUmanity – You as an Important Part of the Whole (Unity Consciousness)

Aloha beautiful galactic soul family,

As we expand our own heart-mind consciousness, we can see that we all have important roles here, important contributions, yet “in the beginning”, we are not quite sure what that is or HOW we are supposed to accomplish this….

It’s not as complicated as we make it (as a human). It is a process, as is all, of each one of us EVOLVING back into our pure & true selves and putting our own selfish way aside to open our hearts and minds fully to WANT TO BE A PART of something more, to DESIRE for all to experience the magic that is available, for ALL to AWAKEN to REMEMBERING fully again and to return to an existence where we all live, work and play together in UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS, which is a deep sacred existence that emanates from the CORE of OUR TRUE ESSENCE BEING…. Continue reading “You as an Important Part of the Whole”

The Sacred Road

March New Moon in Aries ~ Ready for Your Next Steps

By Sophie Gregoire

This is the game of the spiritual path.

It starts with an incredible faith in something you never did – which sounds like breaking free. You believe in that first leap so much because you intuitively know that you’re doing what’s right.

Then you fall, somehow. The first struggles are maybe the hardest to face. Because you thought it would be just easy and fun and free, to find yourself – to become the truth. Continue reading “The Sacred Road”

Shamanic Rebirth

New Moon in Aries, March 27/28, 2017 – Shamanic Rebirth

Natalia Alba

Beloved Ones,

On March 27/28, we have a fresh New Moon at 7 degrees Aries that will rekindle our passion, helping us to focus on our physical plane as well, for it is as important as the ethereal one in which our soul dwells, bringing all of our soul creations into the tangible, for this is what we came here to master.

It is with this New Moon that we are experiencing a shamanic rebirth, which occurs when we dive deeply into our inner realms, dissolving all sense of separation that continues fragmenting ourselves from All and finally embrace and accept our shadows as well as our light. Continue reading “Shamanic Rebirth”



Lisa Brown

Until you actually CARE ENOUGH to open your heart/mind fully and listen/see, you will not understand… because you do not want to know yet…..

When you TRULY want to know, when you truly care to commit, when you truly are ready to embrace and stop fighting a process that your soul came here to INJOY and FULLY EXPERIENCE with all of the wonders, riches, exquisiteness, you will open up and CHOOSE something different….. Continue reading “IT’S TIME …”

Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope

Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope – Swirling Equinox Energies

Mar 17, 2017

After a couple of energetically a bit quieter days, where we had time to process stuff and feel into ourselves what still serves us for our journey ahead, the energies are really building up again now. The freak show continues… This can feel super draining and intensifies the feeling of not being able to make any decisions (I had already mentioned in my last blog). Not only the physical body is overreacting and coming up with all kinds of ascension symptoms and old chronic stuff to let go of. No, in addition, we are challenged to get out of the head and into the heart. And with the energies right now, that is not so easy and can feel like walking on a tight rope. Continue reading “Dancing on the 5D Tight Rope”



Lisa Transcendence Brown

Every moment now, something POWERFUL is occurring….

Energetically we are in the most substantial phases ever. This shall continue to be increasingly true. These immense frequencies “take no prisoners”, leave no stone un-turned. They support those who are fully on-board and obliterate the realities of those who are not.

This is a deep period of self-love, a deep shift from human to NEW EARTH HUMAN, a deep shift from linear to non-linear/Super Quantum, a deep shift from separation to unity consciousness and from “this” being about any little human individual to “this” being about THE BIGGER PICTURE and all of our HIGHEST EXISTENCES here. This is about all existences, not just the little human/earthly one that you can see. Inner vision gives you access to all existences again. Continue reading “YOU ARE VISIONARIES …”