Stop Trying To Escape

Spiritual Awakening 101 — Stop Trying To Escape

Physicality is a translation of our spirit — you can’t transcend it.

Story Waters

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The Soul Wound and the Infinite Possibility of the Unknown

The Soul Wound and the Infinite Possibility of the Unknown

Dr. Nandi Hetenyi
August 27, 2018


The unknown is filled with infinite possibility, but it also serves as a mirror, a crystal-ball kind of guide towards the parts of ourselves we are the most afraid of, the parts we haven’t felt and the parts that fear the letting go into the current that is life living through us. Continue reading “The Soul Wound and the Infinite Possibility of the Unknown”

YOUR Wisdom is Longing to be Gained

YOUR Wisdom is Longing to be Gained

Natalie Sophia 
June 20, 2018


Wisdom does not come from somewhere outside of us.

It is not always found within the pages of a book or through some other far out concept that we cannot articulate. For even those mediums come from a source of sorts. Continue reading “YOUR Wisdom is Longing to be Gained”

Înțelesul Sacru al Piramidei

Înțelesul Sacru al Piramidei



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Intrați într-un magazin de cristale și în mod sigur veți vedea forme de piramidă în vârful grămezii de cristale, piramidă din orgon sau chiar cristale modelate în forma unei piramide.

Acest lucru nu se datorează doar faptului că piramidele reprezintă o formă frumoasă, dar aici există un simbolism profund care se întoarce cu secole în urmă, tot drumul înapoi la vechii egipteni și dincolo de ei.

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